Snapchat Releases 3D Full Body Lenses Just in Time to Dress Up for Halloween

In the past few months Snap has launched many amazing and innovative features in terms of AR and mobile cameras at large, adding not only to the experience of Creators, but also Snapchat users and proving that just-in-time delivery means a lot in the digital world.

Back in August, they introduced 2D Full Body Tracking, which allowed Creators to come up with new World Lenses with 2D objects attached to or triggered by the user’s moving body. These were perfect for the trending theme of dance challenges and sketches 🕺

Now, days before Halloween, Snapchat has launched 4 spooky Lenses utilizing not 2D, but 3D Full Body Tracking! 🤩 They allow users to dress up without a need to wash off tons of creepy make-up after or leave the safety and coziness of your home! Suddenly, the question of what should I do for Halloween while staying at home, became much less tricky 😈

Through 3D motion capture, multiple neural networks running simultaneously in real-time, and the integration of several technologies, you can scare your friends with your AR costume, or e-vite them to a dance party featuring you and your AR backup dancers (just add Sounds to your Snap!)

Lenses were created by the Lens Studio team and the feature is not yet available for the Creators, but I think we can be sure that Snap is going to treat us with the new update very soon! 👻

For now, you can explore the possibilities of 2D Full Body Tracking, using the templates from Lens Studio:

Full Body Triggers – Surprise Snapchatters with some fresh moves that will trigger special effects on their screens!

Full Body Attachments – Track up to 18(!) joints and add some wow effect to the next viral dance off!

Check out all of the 3D Full Body Lenses and a few other Halloween AR propositions below 👇

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