8 Snapchat Lens Creators You Should Know | October 2020

8 exceptional Snapchat Lens Creators of our choosing. Get to know their work, try their Lenses and start following them! We also thank three of them for giving us a quote where they describe the style of their lenses.

Ben Knutson

Starting in IT, Ben discovered Lens Studio and started learning 3D graphics, motion design, javascript and more, finally becoming a busy Official Lens Creator. He is a founder of kAr Graphics and one of the most important contributors in Lens Studio community (check out his tutorials).

Lauren Cason | three.swords

Lauren is an XR Creative Director at Meow Wolf, based in Santa Fe. Before engaging in AR filters, she worked as a prototyper in Apple and an artist in games such as Monument Valley 2 or Luna (read more), among others.

I love finding inspiration in other art forms – painting, sculpture, ceramics. I created a series last year of filters using pieces from different open access artworks from the metropolitan museum of art collection. When I worked on indie video games, I would pull palettes from classical paintings all the time, and I love bringing that breadth and history of aesthetics to digital art forms. I also love finding ways to bring AR into real world spaces. Snap Lens Studio has amazing capabilities when it comes to environments, and I’m really excited to explore those more this year! – Lauren Cason

Ben Scott | Mavici

Ben describes himself as Reality Architect. The name is as obscure as it is perfect, as his experience in XR and graphic design is so wide. Among other things, he is an author of Lens Studio Hero Video.

Aoepng 青絵

Aoepng is a Japanese non-verbal communication artist who wants to bring joy to the world with her lenses.

In many of my AR pieces, the AR switches according to people’s facial expressions, such as opening their mouths, raising their hands, or lowering their eyebrows.
I am also good at making a mysterious AR experience using real-world objects such as roadside signs and manholes as markers (sample 1, sample 2, sample 3). The inspiration for these works is influenced by movies and cartoons I watched as a child. I hope to continue to publish my latest AR work on Twitter. – Aoepng

Stencil Profane

Tim is a designer specialising in mixed reality, motion and novel mediums who worked with at least a dozen of high-profile clients. The large variety of his lenses showcase his skills and creativity. He also has a beautiful website!

Clay Weishaar |

Clay is a Snap Official Lens Creator from California with portfolio including projects for James Harden, Amazon, Gallery 12 and more. He’s represented by H+ Creative.

Ryan Shields

Ryan is a Snapchat Lens creator from Rhode Island, USA. For a few months now he has been publishing Lens Studio tutorials on YT.

Benjamin Paruzynski | Bennyp3333

Benjamin is a founder & CEO of ChAR Digital, an Official Snapchat Lens Creator and Creative Partner with tons of experience in working with clients and in bringing fun and excitement to Snapchat community with his lenses publish as Bennyp3333.

All my effects are built around music. I think music brings extra life and depth to a filter. I’m really inspired by music, whenever I hear a song I can always think of cool visuals to go with it. Its a blast to work directly with music labels or artists to create effects for their songs. – Benjamin Paruzynski

Thanks you for reading, we hope the article helped you in getting to know these amazing lens creators. Don’t hesitate to contact them for business purposes or if you just want to congratulate them on their work 😊

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