Weekly Selection #9

Welcome to the 9th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters!

For the ninth time now we offer you the most incredible Instagram AR filters from the passing week! Watch the videos and open links on mobile to try any of the 24 collected filters yourself using Instagram camera app.

Spicy Chilli
by ines.alpha

Pumpkin Space Bae
by vi.de.or.bit

by wondermilk.me

Among Us
by shaks.world

Shocking Hair
by dushko.alexander

soul guide
by delilah.showed.me.how

bee careful
by tenessees

by gijswahl

Sicko19 sickoninteen
by pullandbear

neon vampire
by bourgadotin

emily in paris
by maximkuzlin

Frame H13
by honeybhagya

flower bronchi
by meeltemsahin

be moved
by bbcsounds

by jhonyaugust

by bagdellenok

by ffface.me

by joe.campbell.nyc

triada game
by khrabrykh_art

Hybrid Px
by gijswahl

zombie lux
by thekatetrump

star cluster
by omega.c

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