10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | October 2020

Another month, another 10 creators that we believe you should follow. Check out what inspires them, what do they like about Spark AR and which of their effects are their favourite ones. And, of course, start following them!

Tato Fernandez | @tato.jpg

Tato is an AR creator and artistic director for TV, theater and live shows from Argentina. He sees the potential of AR in taking back a narrative by artists during live shows and using mobile phones pointed at them in their favour, adding another layers of artistic show (read more). The filters showed below are: MØBlur, FaceBoomBox, LOØP and 3D#SpRÂY.

The thing that I loved the most form Spark AR is the community, love to get inspired by all the creators and their crazy minds, always there’s new stuff to learn! – Tato on Spark AR

Barbara Barliani | cyb____arbara

Barbara is an AR creator to whom the inspiration comes from her human pain , social and philosophical topics (cyber feminism, economics, stigmas, futurism and human etc). Her filters showed below are: Perlin hair, baby snakesssss, Anime CloWn and Schiaparelli 2020.

I like how Spark Ar gives us the opportunity to make our imaginations and dreams real, it totally has the god skills. You just dream and it can be visualized. I love Augmented Reality, i call it ” New Renaissance “, it’s like the end of the postmodernism and the beginning of the “New Technological ART Era” ( but it also includes all kind of art genre and all the history in itself) . the another interesting and satisfying fact about “Spark AR” and this reality is how ppl don’t need to visit far countries to see their favorite artist’s work, i mean for example if I love Allan Gregorio’s works i can try them on myself despite of visiting Brazil or Netherlands. It’s interactive and it can make ppl laugh and happy, it’s everyday new and very therapeutic.

Spark Ar and AR filters are also becoming a mechanism of spreading social, art, political and futuristic massages over the world. It’s the new visual language and the different kind of communication ability. – Barbara on Spark AR

Akiko Koga | @akikokoga

Akiko is an AR creator from Japan engaging in Black Lives Matter movement online. Her filters showed below are: koi pond, tooth fairy, harrington and les papillons.

I get inspiration when I’m least expecting it so I always carry around my little notebook to jot down ideas. I’m still trying to find my style but I like to make people laugh with my filters. – Akiko Koga on her style and sources of inspiration

Maxim Kuzlin | @maximkuzlin

Maxim is a photographer and AR enthusiast from Russia, currently living in France. His filters showed below are: Corgi The Game, REDCITY, Are You Filmimg Me?, ✨ Your Patronus ✨.

All my effects are very random! I don’t have a theme, so if you follow me, be prepared for a rollercoaster! – Maxim Kuzlin on his style

Piotar Boa | @piotar_boa

Piotar is one of the most experienced AR creators there are, making filters in both Spark AR and Lens Studio. He’s from Italy and he developed over 200 effects for brands and celebrities already. His filters showed below are: dancing paradise, Dream Land, Shadows and Rainbow Egg Game.

I love all the features that augment the shape of the user and add colours or gradients to the camera texture. I love the “Render Pass” but also SDF to create aesthetic AR experiences. On Snapchat, I really love body tracking, Machine Learning and Material Editor. – Piotar Boa on Spark AR

Ninel Urban | @sexyurbann

Ninel is a Russian AR creator from Saint-Petersburg studying VR and 3D design. She describes her styler as neo-fairy vibe inspired by Asian culture, symbolism and magic. Her filters showed below are: Ophelia, SPACE B-FLY, IFLOWER$ and IOANN.

My filter “Ophelia” is futuristic
3D mask with animation. No drama, sorry Hamlet.

Flowers, plastics tubes & Chinese character which mean “water”
sparkling snake skin with trible pattern on the cheeks
I was thinking about symbiosis of nature with cyber reality 🍶🖇🤍 – Ninel on her filter Ophelia

Karol Sudolski | @youaremyanchorpoint

Karol is a young artist for the visually stimulated generation (read more). Based in Milan, he is an author not only to the several branded AR filters, but also to unorthodox music videos and much more. His work is well described by the title of one of his interviews: Digital mistakes and 3D lies. His filters showed below are: nudibranco, Next Landscape, ufo abduction and haute couture.

Liliconika | @liliconika

Liliconika is a Russian-speaking 3D mask AR developer. Her style can be described as futuristic, glow-and-neon 3D face arts. Her filters showed here are: かわいい, user 04, かに and 魚-1.

Pantaxray | @pantaxray

Pantaxray is an AR creator with 20+ Instagram AR filters which aim to cross the cultural boundaries. Her filters showed here are: VAPOR PRINCE*, DIARY, corpse bride and CLONES.

David O’Reilly | @davidoreilly/

David is a 3D artist from Ireland with multiple exhibitions and awards (visit his website). His filters showed here are: AAAHHHHH!!!! (evolve), S L O W _ D O W N, IT’S ALWAYS YOU and ꇘꌇꉓꉓꌇ꒒ꑾꁹ꓅ꇘ.

We hope that this article let you discover some new amazing filters to have fun with, as well as creators that may develop an AR filter for your brand. Feel free to contact them! Also, if you have any AR-related questions or would like to suggest a creator for the next month’s decad of creators everyone should follow, write to us.

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