Weekly Selection #149

Welcome to the world of fantasy, rainbows, and unicorns! πŸ’–πŸ¦„ And yes, we’re talking about our 149th Weekly Selection that’s sure to turn your imagination upside down! 🫨

Discover its amazing vibrant world and experience its dazzling transformations – immersive, trendy, juicy πŸ’œπŸŒΈ – whether it’s an animal print make-up, trendy sunglasses, or spARkling pride diamond looks! πŸ’Ž

Explore hidden corners and indulge your dreams and romantic nature in the enchanting Firefly Garden (a must-visit for dreamers)! 🌺 It’s time to immerse yourself in a week’s worth of inspiration as you visit the enigmatic realms and enjoy the AR journey in the most stunning looks ever! πŸ‘„

Our Lenslist database includes thousands of Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok effects. Every one of them is teased by a demo video, has a direct link that opens it on mobile social apps, and is tagged depending on its style and functionalities it uses. To help you take full advantage of Lenslist, we've linked some tags related to the filters mentioned in this article. Don't hesitate to try them out!

Cuckoo Clock
by dylongfiala

Firefly Garden
by icybitch3d

Ghost Train
by kym_fiala

Naavi's Pro-vision
by naaaviiii

by bdimitrov

Bubble Fun
by reemshalak

Related tags:


Feelin' Good
by digital_daisy

Blue Sunnies
by uunique.s

by ewamos

NYA x MBW2023
by metaversebeautyweek

Le Nouveau Belline
by annehorel

Related tags:


Pride Palette
by lgbttech

chill forrest
by davidpripas

Star Tears
by jrmorggam

SG Chonky
by sacredgeometry.eyewear

Pastel Polyland
by filters_by_eva

Related tags:

objectplane trackingfashion

by spencerbadu

by dior

Pride Eyes
by vidhiarfilters

by zeit_but_2020

Pride Diamonds
by biancagarutti

Related tags:

face maskmakeupsparkle

What's my shade
by hmbeauty

The colors are absolutely mesmerizing, the shapes are so diverse, and the ideas seem endless – that’s what defines our festive spirit at the end of every week! πŸͺ… Today was incredibly bright 🌈, don’t you think? Imagine, how many new ideas are on the horizon! πŸͺ„ It feels like we’ll never be able to stop shARing all these really crazy experiences! 😍