TikTok Selection | January

Everybody knew that it was just a matter of time before we invited you to a whole new world meant for TikTok only and its both viral and hidden effects! 👀💥 We’re opening a new chapter of TikTok Selections, that from now on will be filled with the coolest effects made in Effect House. 🦋

Today, the main themes take you to various places, from TV series, magical characters, addictive randomizers and well-known trends, to 3D objects, hilarious expressions and stunning makeup looks. 💫

Let the first TikTok Selection begin! 🚀

Dior Skincare
by gracemchoi

by una_giulia_artistica

FMK Celebrities
by whatspoppinshow

Sigma Face
by phaurge

Tiger or Rabbit
by karenxcheng

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in 2023 I will be
by tetedetamere

time machine by julia
by filtersbyjulia

Grinch Pets by Sophie
by sophiekatirai

Your Emoji Avatar
by annehorel

dance to skibidi dop yes
by dienonstopfamily

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by gijswahl

Mirrored Delay
by tik tok

Lightning Eyes
by wonderhero

Voldemort by Filippo
by filippo.soccini

Angry Face
by karmaismydog

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body trackingoldform

Show Your Glow
by planetfitness

Kim K Makeup by Paige
by paigepiskin

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Things in 3
by sri_syadasti

London True or False Quiz
by projoearfilters

Lets Be Honest
by andimitchellll

Cool Shades
by popular.xr

Ask then Tap by Jan
by janmahavan

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grinch smile by julia
by filtersbyjulia

Dance Monsters
by netflix

Johnny Depp
by una_giulia_artistica

Why am I still single
by karmaismydog

Match Stix Snatch
by gracemchoi

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How was that for a first? 😉 As you probably have noticed, TikTok is a mine of trends and artistic novelties, that’s why we simply just couldn’t sleep on them! ✨ Now, in our TikTok Selections, we’ll do our best to showcase the funniest, most creative and unique effects – stay tuned and keep an eye on what’s hot! 🚀