Lenslist x Effect House Holidays Challenge | WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT

As 2022 came to a close, leaving behind tons of amazing memories, it’s time to dig them up for a moment, being surrounded by nothing but the best holiday atmosphere 🥰 Last year was far from ordinary and you proved it during our Lenslist x Effect House Holidays Challenge! ✨ From cozy moments, preparations, decorations to reminiscing the best moments of 2022 and finishing all off with a party… ⭐️ This festive season hasn’t left our hearts yet so let the cheer fill the air once again!

We’ve been delighted to witness so many ways in which you brought the theme to life and gave us a chance to visit the Winter Holiday Wonderland. ❄️ As always, your submissions exceeded our expectations, not only with their uniqueness, fun and quality 🤩🤩🤩 Each and every one of your works brought joy and inspiration, capturing the essence of this special time of year. It’s with great pleasure that we announce the winners of this most joyful challenge and share these works with you, hoping that it will add to the celebrations of this magical time of year. 🙌🏻 THANK YOU for taking the time and effort to participate!

Before we go to the main part, here is what you can win:

🥇1ST PLACE: $5000

🥈2ND PLACE: $3000

🥉3RD PLACE: $2000

🏅10 X RUNNERS UP: $1000


You made this time even more magical than it already was and we’re glad to reward our Community with a total of $35,000! 👀

Everyone… Meet the WINNERS of the Lenslist x Effect House Holidays Challenge! 👏🏻

Main Prizes

Phonky Driftmas
by kutikuti77

Memorable 2022 Moment
by sri_syadasti

Jingle Challenge
by peachyblust

Runner ups

by allangregorio

Happy Holidays
by libardomartinez99

2000 error
by paula.casado_

Forever Xmas
by urban.peppermint

Self Xmas Tree
by internalexplosions

happy 2023
by juliorlixo

by enuriru

Honorable Mentions

Santa Claus by Flor Raffa
by florenciaraffa.ok

Gingerbread Revenge
by modelsbymike3d

Christmas Elf
by mikeblackhat_

sky xmas by sigraph
by si.graph.off

Snowball Me
by nickazakar

Sleigh Bell Earrings
by grealygoodrenders

Ginger house
by victoriaalimica

Snow Queen
by maxpxt

Meowy Christams
by annehorel

Reindeer Face
by karmaismydog

by damianomansi

Eat That Gingerbread
by withalexpak

by die_d_a_n_i_

Late Santa
by waladeeen

Santas Helpers
by margie.katsigianni

Blink your own Xmas
by newyellow2

by bdimitrov

My 2023
by wondarbr

Glacier Rumba
by emory.tan

by daisymaize

We Three Kings
by rolandsmeenk

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone for your participation and for sharing such various and inspiring visions of your holiday season. We’ve had a nice laugh and a lot of fun thanks to your submissions, and we hope you have too. Every Winter Holidays and New Year season keeps getting even more heartwarming and enlightening – that’s what makes such challenges special. We cannot express enough how proud we are to be a part of this Community and witnessing the joy and celebration spread by you! 💛✨

Remember to let us know your feedback, so we can keep creating more opportunities for you to share your skills, visions, and keep supporting you along the way! 🚀