Best Branded Instagram Filters – December

Are you looking forward to seeing how brands expanded our December reality? πŸ™Œ Then this Branded Selection, where leading companies spectaculARly summed up the year 2022 in their mARketing way, will not pass without a trace for you! ⚑️⭐️

You will see and be amazed by the neon colors of branded elements, fill your reality with festive golden effects, surround yourself with luxury goods, find fascinating puzzles and clues in various places, and check out the latest products released! πŸ’ŽπŸ’™

Everything is ready for your exploration, admiration, and entertaining pastime! πŸ”₯

*Branded filters are AR effects that have been ordered by a brand, an artist or a non-profit organization, for promotional or other purposes. We use this name to distinguish them from ‘community’ filters that are made by AR Creators for artistic purposes.

Gifts of Wonder
by bulgari

New Year's Horoscope
by psychic_book

Dior Stars
by diorbeauty

AR Playbook
by metaindia

Enchanted Ceiling
by cursedchildus

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face maskbeautyfashion

Stradi Brandgame
by stradivarius

Cosmic Sky
by annasui

1 Minute Vacation
by virginvoyages

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animationchristmasplane tracking

by diorbeauty

The Crown
by bosemanfdn

Winter in Dublin
by visitdublin

XM Effect
by bmwusa

Callisto Filter
by callistothegame

Related tags:

body trackingmagicmovie

Snow Day
by jomalonelondon

Broken Heart
by tvorchi_official

Believer's Cheer
by cocacola

Play like a captain
by fifaworldcup

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Galaxy Z Fold4
by samsung_bulgaria

by meta


Animus Egg
by rtfkt

Happy Holidays
by vehlaeyewear

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CFT Mango Seed Oil
by thebodyshopsg

MTG Arena
by wizards_magic

by gap

by electrifyamerica

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by charleskeithofficial

by pagani_geo

Baking Pro
by dominosugar

by sprite_br

Charismatic Look
by armanibeauty

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bubblewings firework

Brands, as always, promoted their services and products in an extraordinARy way and stuck us to the screens, making us get carried away with new amazing animations! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ But we’re sure, we will have an equally exciting AR journey in the New Year! πŸš€