Best Branded Instagram Filters – June

We hope you’re ready for a June mARketing wrap-up! 🧡 Better fasten your seatbelts, because we have a lot of new Effects to cover. 🚀 In this month’s Branded Selection, you’ll see all the trends, celebrations and feelings that brands worldwide spotlighted in their AR campaigns. See how your surroundings become filled with 3D objects, flowers come to life, portals to worlds with new products open, face masks promoting new campaigns appear and more! 🌍⭐️ Find some inspo for your next project!

*Branded filters are AR effects that have been ordered by a brand, an artist or a non-profit organization, for promotional or other purposes. We use this name to distinguish them from ‘community’ filters that are made by AR Creators for artistic purposes.

Latona Fountain
by chateauversailles

by creators

British Flowers Week
by gardenmuseum

by burberry

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musichand trackingfashion

Mermaid Beauty
by voguefrance

Fitness Is Ready
by metaquest

No Artificial
by lienujewelry

Stranger Things
by maccosmetics

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Dancing Bear
by pullandbear

HARIBO Goldbears 🎂
by haribogreece

World Ocean Day
by ladbible

The Desert
by shutterstock

by onenightgallery

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by disneystudiosbr

Star Wars – Lola AR
by obiwankenobi

It Gets Dark Game
by thisissigrid

CD 1947
by dior

Plantas e respingos
by yellowpandagames

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Happy Pride
by lgbttech

by sjsjofficial

Love As You Are
by crocskorea

AE Summer Fit Check
by americaneagle

Look At Me
by hulu

Gold Rush Kid
by george_ezra

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Mia — Check
by lu.goldie

Color Riche
by lorealparis

Satin Lip Color
by roseinc

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