#TomorrowToday Challenge Inspiration Time 💫 ✈️ Mobility of Tomorrow ✨ 💼 Opportunities of the Future

How are the preparations for our #TomorrowToday Challenge going? 👀⚡️ As you know, this edition is extremely special (looking at our extraordinary partners) and a futuristic theme gives so much room for you to spread your creative wings. ✨Last time we gave you a little inspirational sneak peek of what formats would have a big chance of winning… and today we focus on two branded tracks. 👇

Together with our two branded partners – Emirates Airline and Accenture – we came up with two tracks centered around the future of travel and work. Emirates is challenging Spark AR Creators to explore the next era of our in-the-clouds journeys and Accenture wants to see how you envision the future of work, jobs, careers. ☁️👩‍💻

To keep your head fresh and inspired at all times, we’ve gathered some examples of Effects which follow the theme of these two tracks – you’re welcome to draw as much inspiration as you want!⭐️

Track #1 💫 ✈️
Emirates Airline: Mobility of Tomorrow

Window to the future
by jhonyaugust

Fly Emirates AR
by interactivestudio

Airplane Window
by svobiz

Fly me to the moon
by hkairlines

by official.tada

Our Future Planet
by pedroafonsodesign

by eliasqamilovich

by gianpaolorosa

Flying Cars 2030
by metas.ae

Bike to the future
by stuart_delivery

Track #2 ✨ 💼
Accenture: Opportunities of the Future

Digital Workface
by geniusventuresinc

My Future Room
by morphy.vision

by aleaudiff

Krupoorva 🤖
by krazyykrunal

Delivery Robot 2121
by sergeyglkn

future medicine
by asuuog.e

Work & dance
by tasha_pietukhova

by postitkorea

Work with meow
by idontseekim

by teachforall

HONOR MagicWatch 2
by honorrus

Future Textbook
by kaurimusic

We hope our source of inspiration has come in handy. 🔥 Now – it’s time to see these genius minds of yours in action. 💥 The future is so exciting – let’s find out how you see #TomorrowToday.
Let’s create big and passionately!

P.S. The deadline for submission is June 17!