Winners Announcement #3 C4C: Those Long Nights

⭐️ After hours… the magic of sleepless nights, thrilling dreams, dimmed lights and all those conversations, memories and adventures we fly away to after dark a.k.a. Those Long Nights 🌙🌠💃 Lenslist x Spark AR Call For Content #3 ⭐

Today we’re coming to you with the long-awaited Winners Announcement and a truly SPECTACULAR showcase of Effects that took our breaths away and sent us to various mystical universes of your minds and spaces 💜🦉🌙

Each of you was able to capture all these moments in such a unique way – taking us on a fantastic night time AR adventure. As always, the most challenging part for us is selecting the Winners – you showered us with over 500 Effects, while each is one of a kind, proving how much hard work, passion, time and feelings you all put into your art. 💛 We see that effort – we couldn’t be more proud and glad to share these moments with you! Once again, THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS on creating so many masterpieces! ✨💜

A few remarks concerning the tracks and corresponding prizes:

Track #1: World AR – in other words, all the places you go after dark 🌙


3 x $5,000 🏆

10 x $1,000 🏅

Track #2: User-Focused: Face Masks, Body Tracking, Hand Tracking – in other words, everything we do after dark 🌙


5 x $3,000 🏆

10 x $1,000 🏅

All prizes combined, we could give away to you… $50,000! 🤩


25%: Craftsmanship: technical achievements, capabilities used, ability to take advantage of the platform;

25% Originality: uniqueness, difference from other submissions;

25%: Creativity: creativity of elements used to create the Effect;

25%: Theme: how well the Effect makes use of the contest theme;

Our team at Lenslist spent Those Long Nights debating on which works to pick as Winners – and it was extremely tough. However, seeing both astonishing Effects from the Awardees and the tremendous progress of many Creators, makes everything worth it! So, to us, you are all Winners! 💜 And another thank you goes to our judges and Software Engineers at Meta – Daria Mamaeva and Christian Kruse – who really helped us make the final decision.

Final words before jumping into Those Long Nights AR Gallery – we promise this is the last one – THANK YOU! For being with us, taking part in our contest, doing your best, and becoming such influential ARtists. Remember to share your feedback with us, so we can always be the best support for you! 🚀

Having all the essential information reminded – it’s finally time to BLESS your eyes with Lenslist x Spark AR Those Long Nights 🌙🌠💃 AWARDEES and their winning Effects! 🏆🏆🏆

Track #1 Winners

by dibuenio

🌃 Gachaland
by mitsukokubota

by enuriru

by eugencolter

by rafael.xl

🌃 BBQ Game

🌃 Add Faces and Play
by banurozden

by stopick

🌃 Arachne Oracle God
by extraakash

🌃 Ghost Busted
by syaoki.biek

🌃 Saturn
by karolviebrantz

🌃 Baby dream
by na.ta.luna

Track #2 Winners

🌃 These Long Nights
by susidko_

🌃 ✦ breathe ✦
by nahir.esper

🌃 Sleepless night
by iren.kolovska

🌃 The Automatist
by gijswahl

🌃 Crystals of soul
by dmtryvv

🌃 🧘 Om Namo Narayana
by kaurimusic

🌃 Aurora Crystal
by chungcy

🌃 festa! 🌙🌠💃
by juliorlixo

🌃 Reel Dance
by sergeyglkn

🌃 Dreamy
by kevinkriado

🌃 Dream or Nightmare
by jhonyaugust

🌃 To the Moon
by justinwlaurent

🌃 Midnight Tarot
by balraj_bains

🌃 bedtime stories
by peachyblust

Other featured #thoselongnights Effects

🌃 Temple King of Night
by omecenas

🌃 Lantern tree
by maskopad

🌃 Tonight
by filtromena

🌃 bedtime stories
by alex.nosova

🌃 Black Hole Tracker
by tobymosart

🌃 Those Cozy Nights🌃
by vidhiarfilters

🌃 Alien Abduction
by tony_kamonte

🌃 Hardware Long Nights
by barbosajose

🌃 Sanctuary();

🌃 Android Love Affair
by delirium1

🌃 A Foodie’s Dream
by persicapicardo

🌃 Forgotten Dream
by visualize.mee

🌃 TaKAOYaki
by mitsukokubota

🌃 Watcha Doin 💻👀
by krazyykrunal

🌃 Good night kids
by tsarenkova_anastasiya

🌃 Night Lights
by rks_xo

🌃 Techno world 🌎
by vanessamdiniz

🌃 Dreaming Kodama
by 3.14c2resque

🌃 Night vs. Day
by tanyadraws

🌃 Lucid Dreams

🌃 Retro Visualizer 🎶
by extraakash

🌃 ThePhantom of the AR
by florenciaraffa1980

🌃 Those Long Nights 🌙
by sasha_soul_art

🌃 Good night
by kirsanova_nana

by piper.kj

🌃 Space Teleport
by vitorguilherme___

🌃 1000 and one Night
by jgekusar

🌃 Dreams
by kirsanova_nana

🌃 Walking by the Bay
by damonncho

🌃 Lunar Cry

🌃 Summer Longing
by jviz

🌃 Jaadu
by tantricsurfer2018

🌃 Windy Hut.

🌃 Endangered Specie
by mona_birkas

🌃 Mirror Bulb
by holographmusic

🌃 Screen Time
by chungcy

🌃 vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
by juliorlixo

🌃 this just in
by butchar

🌃 my dreams
by daria.tsvet

🌃 Night Drive ASMR
by joannitante

🌃 Movie From Your Head
by skellerdy

🌃 Just Chill
by nikita24sib

🌃 Midnight D-xpression
by sempaksuci

🌃 Fairy tale
by ar_irina_nesterova

🌃 club kidz
by jrmorggam

🌃 RedNightmare
by valeri_rodari

🌃 Mage of the Night
by sanatinoglu

🌃 Fullhouse
by pascalsender

🌃 brainstorm
by skevelyn_

🌃 Nightmares
by yupmaddy

🌃 Night at the museum
by al.eksandra6293

🌃 p409_E3_world
by super_barbermaskine

🌃 Oddly satisfying

🌃 Feeling Different
by ninaaundrey

🌃 Starry Desert
by felipesalves3

🌃 night out dress
by manuborrero

🌃 orbitali
by youaremyanchorpoint

🌃 Don’t sleep
by nikolayshaman

🌃 Other Universe
by jonhapirlo21

🌃 Lounge Night
by eliasqamilovich

🌃 Midnight Ocean
by dolphin_ko

🌃 night pearl
by glasskwon

🌃 Phone face
by reidosgifs

🌃 A Long Night II
by bruno.wx

🌃 Tired
by egeislekel

🌃 Night creature

🌃 lucid dream ✨
by licebastos

🌃 Red-eye
by tamasolajos

🌃 Golden Night
by eliasqamilovich

🌃 Black Hole
by tobymosart

🌃 Mermaid
by jhonyaugust

🌃 macarena 🌙🌠💃 !
by juliorlixo

🌃 Daft Punk V2
by florenciaraffa1980

🌃 Purrfect Night
by games2b

🌃 night owl
by emmasofija

🌃 night deer
by alex.nosova

🌃 My dream
by doqlas

🌃 Future Retro
by hiideto

🌃 Night Owl Mode
by valeriedisorder

by jrmorggam

by victorsilvaa

🌃 banheiro
by juliorlixo

🌃 Astral
by zeco.lab

Full #thoselongnights gallery

We hope that all the Effects made a huge impression on you, just as much as they did on us! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Maybe you even managed to find a special one that reflects your own Those Long Nights… 🌙👀

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