Lens Fest 2021 Recap: Business Track

Snapchat 🤝 Businesses

Lens Fest prepared something for both sides – not only for Creators but also for Businesses 💡

Let the best of the best from the Snap AR team take you on an enriching journey, where you’ll find out how Entrepreneurs, Developers, and Partners make use of Lenses to go beyond traditional marketing and sales practices.

Reshaping e-commerce is what AR has been doing for a couple of years now and Snap AR has recently taken a lot of steps to ensure brands have the right tools to get into this world and when you hear their partners’ success stories – believe us, you’ll want to become one too. 😉💪

Schedule 👇

DAY 1 (7.12) Business Sessions:

Getting started with Snap AR

Building your Business with Snap AR

DAY 2 (8.12) Business Sessions:

Driving Real Results with Snap AR

Welcome to the Snap AR Ecosystem

DAY 3 (9.12) Business Sessions:

Growing your Business with Snap AR


Let’s get ready to jump onto the first Business track!

Getting started with Snap AR


Not sure how to start building AR and implementing it in your business? Don’t worry – Snap has the best team to guide you through ✍️Taylor Donaldson – Snap Creative Producer, Shawn Dedeluk – Snap CS Lead Global Expansion, Joachim Piry – Snap Creative Strategist and Gabrielle Delva – Snap AR Solutions Partner are all here to get rid of any doubts and myths. Everyone can start building AR – you, me, both small and big brands.

At first, it doesn’t have to be complex, you can start off with creating lightweight and simple Lenses – sometimes they can be surprisingly more successful than those more sophisticated ones (remember the OG cute doggie Lens? 😉) and then jump to more complicated things like multisensory interactions or try-ons that will allow your fans and customers to immerse themselves in your brand. If you’d like to check out the development process itself before downloading Lens Studio or assigning the project to a Creator, try the Lens Web Builder – there you can choose from many awesome templates or assets like makeup or 3D accessories and take your first AR steps.


The world of business is constantly changing and so do customer preferences – now we want more personalized experiences, we like to feel connected with a brand and AR is already winning our hearts – whether it’s with AR shoes, bags, clothes, makeup, jewelry or interior design.

Put on your favorite lipstick from Nyx and add it to your basket in one tap! And if you want more – switch to the back camera and walk through the door that takes you inside a digital showroom 💜💄

Beauty Drop
by NYX Cosmetics


A virtual pop-up store, where you can try on shoes and sweatshirts from HOKA – everything without leaving your room. Thanks to combining it with Snap Ads, HOKA not only reached its goals but totally outperformed all the benchmarks: “The share rate was nearly 6X the Snapchat retail benchmark with an 82% more efficient cost per share vs Snap retail benchmark”. The results were so impressive that this case study found its place on Snapchat for Business website.


And obviously, the most convincing way is to see direct results and insights from Clients and Partners who use Lens Web Builder and Lens Studio:


Building your Business with Snap AR


We agree with David Norris, Snap Head of European Creative Strategy, and Leah Rubin-Cadrain, Snap Head of Snapchat Brand Lab, that collaborations and partners unlock a never-seen-before potential for both sides of the table. Products are now showing up in our personal spaces, in our homes, on our wrists – AR really reshapes the way products are showcased.

The canvas for AR is as big as the whole world.

OnePlus x Snapchat – a campaign in India to celebrate Diwali and bring people safely together in the pandemic.


Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War x Snapchat – built by Fishermen Labs

Black Ops Cold War
by Call of Duty


A Lens built by Atomic Digital Design for JD Sports with virtual changing rooms of the England football team – you could find a shirt with your name on it and join the team!

by JDOfficial


Partnerships with Snapchat are recognized and appreciated by many entrepreneurs and businesses around the world, thanks to new possibilities and a whole new wave of creativity.


Nicely said, and what’s more important – all true 🤩

How to describe the experience of brands using Snap AR? “Immersive, connected, useful, and fun.” These are the words of Carolina Arguelles Navas, Snap Group Product Marketing Manager – and we couldn’t agree more 🤗From product try-on to virtual stores, the possibilities are growing and customers seem to really depend on AR when it comes to shopping, and not only deliver better experiences but also drive sales if you own a business!

Last year’s collaboration between American Eagle and Snap featured a virtual pop-up store that generated $2.000.000 in incremental sales and this year’s Zenni Optical drove a 7.9x Return On Ad Spend with their virtual try-on Lens! Really nice numbers, right? 🚀


Fall Styles 1
by Zenni Optical


And a new member of Snap AR’s family – Vertebrae – will allow you to create a 3D version of your product!


If you want to see how cool fashion can look in AR – just take a look at some digital outfits from the DressX app! The founders of DressX were one of the guests during this edition of Lens Fest, so hang tight, and later on, you will find out more about all the “whys” and “hows” of fashion in AR 👚👖

*Clara Daguin’s Collection in DressX App


Driving Real Results with Snap AR


We can never get enough of success stories 👏🏻

E-Commerce is taking over!

Prada, DAMAS virtual store, FARFETCH; Bourjois Paris, Gucci Sneaker campaign, Dr. Smile, CUUP (feminine lingerie).

Fireworks Firefly
by Damas Jewellery


When talking about driving business, we cannot forget about one thing that comes really in handy ✨ Lens Attachment Button – which will take us directly to the dedicated landing page! Options like: Sign up/Shop now/Install/Learn/Donate and other calls to action – in one swipe – easy, accessible, straightforward.


Welcome to the Snap AR Ecosystem


“We truly believe in our partners” – that’s definitely a thing Karolina Matras and Caroline Moutet – Snap AR Program Managers, can agree on. This session took us on another journey filled with awesome stories from companies and Snap’s partners all over the globe – let’s meet them!


Last but not least…


Growing your Business with Snap AR


Before ending this year’s Lens Fest, we could listen to some great examples of how people engage with AR and witness the consumer shift from a screen – to a camera.

Carolina Arguelles put all the important information into 3 key strategies that will make your audience participants, rather than viewers.

Strategy 1 – Keeping the viewer at the center of the experience.

Reese’s Lens transform your face into choco 🍫 People were sharing it and becoming advocates and influencers for the brand.


Strategy 2 – Increasing purchases & reducing returns.

Do you remember the virtual store from American Eagle x Snapchat? Yep, that’s a perfect example. 💡


Strategy 3 – Building ongoing relationships with shoppers.

Loyalty, loyalty, and loyalty.

A Lens for Too Faced Cosmetics allows us to scan our palette and unlock it in AR – you can see step-by-step looks guides from a makeup artist doing a side-by-side demonstration!


Sophia Dominguez, Snap Head of AR Platform Partnerships, said: “We need to be still showcasing to the world what can become possible with AR, we need to make it even more discoverable and put it out there”.

This way it benefits both the Creators and the Businesses – the quicker they will find each other, the sooner they can start working and take all the ideas to the next level! 🚀

With that many cool real-life examples, it’s really hard not to jump at the opportunity!

To put it simply – if you’re looking for ways to revolutionize your business, capture attention and interact with your audience like never before – Snap AR is your answer.

In case you have more questions or any doubts, visit Snapchat’s Business website for more – and always feel free to message us at Lenslist! 😉⭐️