Brazil Immersive Fashion Week Is Happening RIGHT NOW! 💖

Join us at one of the coolest events we ever took part in – the second edition of Brazil Immersive Fashion Week, or BRIFW for short, is happening right now and if you’re interested in digital art and especially fashion, you have to check it out! 👩‍💻👠

Starting from October 26th and until October 30th, BRIFW invites us to rethink the future of fashion and culture in the highly connected, 5G-enabled, AR/VR-enhanced world. For the first three days you’ll be able to experience an interview series called Immersive Talks, where Olivia Merquior, creator of the event, explores the most important innovations and digital trends – from blockchain & NFTs, wearable technology and of course AR & VR – and their impact on the future of fashion, art and culture overall. Lenslist will be one of the guests, so join us and show your support, fam! 😁💖

Then, on October 30th at 5 PM BRT, on BRIFW website, YouTube and social networks at the event, you’ll be invited to a one-of-a-kind broadcast of remote fashion shows, where designers will be able to watch their presentations live, with guests, in a metaverse customized for each brand 🤩 Among the brands confirmed at the BRIFW are: the designer Lucas Leão, who will be showcasing a a phygital fashion show at the STATE innovation center in São Paulo; Nous Étudions, Argentine and Latin American single brand already selected for the LVMH PRIZE and French designer Clara Daguin, known for her illuminated collections, who will speak about her experiences with Google Jacquard.

Go to BRIFW website to join the event for free 👇


What’s really special and important about this event is how amazingly and strongly it represents brands and Creators from Latin America and latino culture as a whole. In their first edition, BRIFW featured 3 Brazilian and 6 Latino stylists, in addition to Rider, which launched its annual sustainability project, totaling 10 fashion shows and 6 countries represented. In just one year, BRIFW line-up expanded to 14 brands and 10 countries: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela and Peru 💪

And now we couldn’t take part in the event without a nod to our amazing Community, so during the Immersive Live event on October 30th, you’ll also be able to experience an AR Jam, where the BRIFW Community will try on and show-off a selection of fashioned-themed Instagram AR Effects and Snapchat Lenses, curated by our Lenslist Team! 💖

We really hope you’ll join the event and huge thanks to Olivia and the whole BRIFW team for organizing such an inspirational event! See you there Creators! 👋