We’re Launching a $pecial Edition of our Weekly Selection! 🤩💰

Hi Creators! 👋 Not that long after launching our first ever prized Call for Content, we have another $pecial announcement for you 😁 From this Friday (October 15th) until the end of this year, thanks to our partnership with Spark AR, we’ll have $10,000 each week to distribute among the Creators of our favorite AR Effects 🤩 We’ll pick up to ten best filters from our Weekly Selections and award their authors with at least $1,000 each! 💰

We hope it will motivate you to keep up the great work you’re doing, level up your skills, try new things and innovate within Spark AR with even more power and creativity! 💪💖

Nothing apart from the prize money changes – we’ll still curate our Weekly Selections just like we used to for over a year now – no need for any submissions – the only additional process will apply to the Awardees. Please read our Terms & Conditions to find out more.

We’re so thrilled we can finally bring these monetization opportunities straight to the Creators Community! Thanks for believing in us, every comment, post, share and all the DMs we exchanged these last few years, there would be no Lenslist without you 💜

See you on Friday!