AR for HR: Using Snapchat and Instagram Filters in Recruitment Campaigns

Recruters need to keep up with the new challenges that hiring employees brings. More and more often brands invest their energy in organizing resourceful recruitment campaigns that use new technologies, including AR filters, to better relate to younger audiences. McDonald’s and other companies have used them already, getting suprisingly good results.

Headhunters don’t limit themsleves to LinkedIn anymore. In this article you’ll find out how Instagram has been successfully used by more than a few companies to push their job application numbers. One of the ways mentioned there to use Instagram for hiring is to boost brand awereness with Instagram AR filters. But, actually, Augmented Reality has a lot more to offer when it comes to headhunting than just simply boosting brand awereness.

What does AR bring to the table for HR?

It is thanks to an incredibly immersive, interactive and personalization-ready nature of AR that it can by used by HR reps in the recruitment campaigns. Based on this article and the examples we provide below, Instagram filters and Snapchat Lenses can serve these purposes:

  • showcasing the employer brand and its values in a modern way, eg. in a form of slogans floating around candidate’s head,
  • simulating work experience, eg. by putting on a costume, a helmet or giving the chance to actively project future tasks with the use of AR game,
  • projecting work environment, eg. putting the candidate inside the office to highlight its beauty and best features,
  • testing candidate skills using AR game.

McDonald’s 42k+ ‘Snaplications’

A relatively simple idea for the Lens which simulated work experience by putting a hat on the user, combined with SnapAd and smart influencers campaign, gave brilliant results in Saudi Arabia. In only 24h, 42972 applications have been send through Snapchat, exceeding the targeted amount of 10k applications 4 times.


BMW Group Careers Instagram Profile

BWM Group has a whole Instagram account for providing their potential employees with information and valuable content on currently available jobs. Among other things, they’ve created 5 AR filters that show different career paths available at BMW. There is no better case of using Augmented Reality for visualization of work uniform and experience than this.

by bmwgroupcareers

by bmwgroupcareers

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America’s Navy and Germany Ministry of Defense

With the youth not responding so well to the traditional recruitment tactics, military organizations turned to social media and Augmented Reality. Here is a quote from commander of Navy Recruiting Command Pete Garvin:

The Navy is now recruiting young men and women of the centennial generation, who have different goals, expectations, and media-consumption habits than their millennial predecessors. As such, the Navy recognized the necessity to develop a new marketing campaign and digital-heavy media strategy to more effectively reach, educate and inspire the best and brightest prospective recruits.


More America’s Navy Filters on Lenslist

Germany Ministry of Defense used a similar idea: to tap into the pride of being a soldier, they let Snapchat users to see how they will look like in a combat gear: a helmet, microphone, and nightscope. The Lens was a huge success with +7.5M impressions and over 17 seconds of avarage Lens playtime.



Augmented Reality is all about engagement and changing the appearance of both people and places, so it’s a perfect tool for those recruiters who want to show candidates how their lives will change if they apply for a job in their company. Instagram filters and Snapchat Lens should be used more often to offer employment, as McDonald’s and military organizations’ cases presented in this article prove. So if your company needs new, brilliant employees, let them know about it in an innovative and encouraging way: with AR.

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