Weekly Selection #6

Welcome to the 6th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters!

During last week Spark AR community came up with some really cool filters! We present 16 of them to you using our Instagram stories as well as in this article. Which one is your favourite?

by @wondermilk.me

by @eddyin3d

Conscious Mercury
by @publishedby

キャッツ アイ
by @thebensimon

by @visualize.mee

Touch your Face
by @alwayscodingsomething

Trick or Threat 1
by @finofinissimo

Switch Me On
by @gijswahl

The last of us II
by @pedroafonsodesign & @kewinlima

The Boutique
by @alexanderallenstyle

Liquid 1.0
by @theganhulg

by @bagdellenok

Crane Brain
by @mitsukokubota

Stock Dude
by @santerisalmivisual

Johnny Bravo
by @jhonyaugust

Face Mesh
by @daxx2k

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