Weekly Selection #2

Another Weekly Selection of Instagram filters is ready!

At the end of this week we’ve selected 12 recently published filters, both branded and inspirational. We present them to you using our Instagram stories as well as in this article.

Check out the new filters by master of 3D animals effects, Kym Fiala; try out yet another Burberry’s face mask; and welcome to the world of AR an influencer Magda Butrym – thanks to her high-quality eyewear filter. From @zaker’s somewhat crazy vision of pastel inner sailor and an AR portal to a virtual, vintage party by @qocbook, all the way to Hot Hipon’s campaign using Instagram AR, the last week was pretty awesome for all the fans of augmenting the social media world.

Hungry Spider
by @kym_fiala

Predator Vs Prey
by @kym_fiala

by @gijswahl

Oishi Hot Hipon
by @hothipon

TB Summer Monogram
by @burberry

by @zaker

Disco Ball
by @jhonyaugust

by @khrabrykh_art

Jewelry Eyewear
by @magdabutrym

Bones & Roses
by @skellerdy

Virtual Book Party
by @qocbook

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