AR talks | Ege Islekel

Today we guest Ege Islekel, an architect and AR creator with lots of artful filters which take our minds to beautiful places. Check out his amazing artwork and read into what he had to say about Augmented Reality!

Hi, Ege! For starters, we ask about your story which looks very interesting: how did it happen that the architect became an AR creator?

My interest in AR experience started around the 2010s. There was a plugin for a 3d software where you can show your 3d model with the Webcam. I had an AR presentation for one of my architectural projects. After that I didn’t continue to use AR for a long time.


In the meantime, I started to do digital artworks with renaissance paintings and statues. When I saw the Instagram filters I couldn’t stop myself to create my digital arts in Augmented Reality.

Your Instagram filters resolve around art and impersonations. From where do you take your inspiration?

I want to spread art all around the world. My inspiration comes from my old digital artworks and also the countries where I lived.

In our article from February we wrote about you and the interest you take in art. There, we claim that AR should be considered as a type of art. Do you have an opinion on that matter?

In my opinion AR experiences divide into two segments. These are a marketing strategy and ARt experience.

We can see tons of filters every day. Some of them are just making people use them for a couple of days but some of them are for the long term.

I believe that AR experience is a very good way to spread the advertisement for a company at this time.


You are a digital 3D artist and interior designer. How does your AR filters relate to your other work?

One of my future projects is to create a series of digital artworks and filters for each of them. It will be an online museum experience or I will make an exhibition.

Sakin Safak, Garnier Yoğun Nem

Do you have any tips for AR creators that would like to start their careers as freelancers? How to win clients and make them happy?

To be successful in an AR career, the first thing is that you should love what you do and you shouldn’t look at the time while you are working. If you don’t look at the time, you love what you do and it will lead you to success.

Ege, thank you very much for our talk! Looking forward to your exhibition, whether it’s an online or material event!