Top 10 Branded and Inspirational Instagram AR Effects of May 2020

Welcome to our first selection of best Instagram AR effects! 👋

Every day we browse Instagram to add new effects to our Lenslist collection. So, finally, we thought that we could use our amazing tracking skills to share with you 10 of them we found most extraordinary while browsing Instagram in May 🤩

Five of them were made for brands, and the other five by the community of creators which we call inspirations (in no particular order).

Now, let’s get to the reason why you’re here: trying out the best AR effects of May. And let’s be frank: if you’re a creator yourself, checking out if your effect is here 😂

You may now think: who are they to decide which effects are truly best? And even though we honestly think that Lenslist database is pretty awesome and we know a little bit about AR, we want YOU to participate in this process from now on 🧐

We plan this entry to be the first one of many future monthly selections, so we’d love you to send us your suggestions for the next, June selection of top Instagram AR effects 📩