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A lot can happen in a month, and the last few weeks have proven it. Whether it’s cutting-edge marketing campaigns or software updates designed to make our lives easier, there’s much to learn.

From Raising your banners with Artificial intelligence for the House of the Dragon promotion to the latest news from Snapchat and Lens Studio’s developments, each tech enthusiast can augment their reality in hundreds of ways, thanks to technology’s ever-evolving nature.

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Lens Studio 5.0 Official Launch

After a year of working on improving Lens Studio’s user experience, the 5.0 version is officially out of beta, establishing itself as the go-to platform for developing Snapchat Lenses. According to Snap AR, this update prioritizes productivity, modularity, and speed, making it easier and faster for AR Creators to design even more lenses.

ALTALTSource: Snap AR

Key features include a plugin system, extensive support for JavaScript, TypeScript, Version Control, and package management. Snapchat has also been working on the new GenAI Suite, which enables rapid AR creation through text or image prompts, offering tools like AI Assistant, ML Face Effects, and 3D Asset generation.

Lens Studio 5.0 supports collaborative and professional development, allowing for custom plugin creation and integration with Figma to import 2D designs into 3D scenes. The platform is 18 times faster than previous versions, making AR creation more efficient and accessible. Users can download Lens Studio 5.0 and access additional resources, including a Migration Guide and an Introduction video, to get started.

Raise Your Banners AI Experience

Marketing Campaign connecting AI, personalization, and a widely loved TV series? HBO proves that it’s working!

Celebrating the long-awaited premiere of House of the Dragon, HBO is encouraging fans to choose their side of the Targaryen family using artificial intelligence. After scanning the QR code on their smartphone, all it takes to participate is to answer a simple question: Are you team black or green? Then, take a picture with your camera and see yourself transformed into one of the show’s characters.

Try it out for yourself here.


Snapchat Camera Extension for Chrome

Snapchat is bringing Augmented Reality out of the app to a wider audience. The platform has launched a web-based tool that allows users to use its collection of AR Lenses for video calls. The extension can be downloaded directly from the Google Chrome Web Store and used in various video-based applications, such as Google Meet.

ALTALTSource: Snap AR

Through the webcam, users can play with their favourite animated face masks, enjoy some interactive effects and surprise their audience with creative transformations. Aside from simply using the Lenses, AR Creators can implement their own designs with Snapchat cameras, which makes the process even easier than before.

Read more about it here.

WhatsApp Video Calls Embrace Augmented Reality

Just like Snap, Meta is working on enhancing WhatsApp’s video call experience with augmented reality, giving users access to filters, animated effects, and backgrounds. Each AR-based feature will serve different purposes, encouraging users to personalize their calls.

Filters will, for example, enable the softening of skin texture, while effects allow users to choose from a collection of animated face masks with makeup looks, funny transformations, and more.

The background feature, however, will allow them to replace their own surroundings with a chosen graphic, which is often desired for privacy reasons. While there’s no official report from Meta on when the updates will take place, according to the WABetaInf, the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android (version  already offers the new AR Features.

IKEA’s New Store On Roblox

Stepping into the Metaverse yet again, IKEA is opening a brand-new store in Roblox. This time, however, the furniture retailer takes a revolutionary approach, focusing not on sales but on its employees. The Co-Worker Game, launched on June 24th, allows users to become digital workers at IKEA’s store, helping customers and leveling up their careers while earning real wages, similar to those who work those positions full-time.


With the gaming experience, the brand focuses on the career path, highlighting that IKEA’s workers decide how they can evolve in the company.

Read more here.

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