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As marketers constantly seek new ways to impress their customers, we closely watch, analyze each digital campaign, and share the best branded AR filters. With social media platforms increasingly dominated by visual content, Augmented Reality has emerged as a unique way for brands to connect with their audiences on a personal level, directly engaging users in the campaign.

In April, brands seized the opportunity to use Augmented Reality’s full potential, creating the most creative campaigns. From fashion try-ons to games to transformations, each AR experience brings the brand and the customer closer together.

Last month was full of opportunities: the Olympics, Coachella, brand-new movie premieres, and more took over our lives – both real and digital.

Olympic Games Paris 2024

Anticipating the 2024 Olympic Games, sports enthusiasts can now use Snapchat to start the celebration early. The series of interactive AR Lenses created by Atomic Digital Design is available on the platform, ready to boost the Olympic spirit. Whether it’s walking into the digital stadium or joining the games by following exercises on your smartphone screen, we can already sense the sports atmosphere from our homes.

by olympics

Paris 1924
by olympics

by olympics

Gangwon Booth
by olympics

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Have you ever dreamed of transporting yourself into the world of your favorite movie? Now’s your chance! Disney and Snapchat joined forces to create 11 AR Lenses activated through some of the world’s most famous landmarks.

With the recent premiere of Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, Snapchatters can now enhance their travel experience by pointing their camera at the Statue of Liberty, Arc de Triomphe, Tower Bridge in London, and more, to see them completely transform into movie-like realities.

Apes Santa Monica
by official20th

by official20th

Apes Flatiron NYC
by official20th

Tower Bridge in London
by official20th

Apes City Hall LA
by official20th

Apes NY
by official20th

Planet of the Apes
by official20th

Coachella 2024

Coachella is already known for its innovative ways of connecting the world’s most famous music festival with the latest technological features, and among them, there’s always Augmented Reality.

We can confidently say that this year was a blast again. A number of magical AR Filters was encouraging both attendees and fans to interact with digital objects around them, activated simply by using the camera of their smartphones. Scavenger hunts, unboxing experiences, world transformations, and visual effects are making the event one of the most awaited festivals, where live performances are only part of the experience.

The Coachella 2024 AR Experiences were created by some of the most talented Digital Artists, transporting the music festival to the digital world: @simone_creativestudio, @icybitch3d, @thedolab, and @wrlds.xr.

Welcome Bloom
by coachella

by coachella

Spectra Spring
by coachella

Energy Between
by coachella

by coachella

by coachella

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Unleash The Galaxy
by samsungaustria

Tiffany Wonder
by tiffanyandco

Porsche in Art
by porscheusa

La isla del tesoro
by redbullcl

by hotwheelsofficial

Bee The Difference
by delawarenorth

by mrpfashion

by primevideo

by netflixkr


Kawaii in Paris
by ruyabaraz

Mc Donald’s UK
by mcdonaldsuk’s


Coca-Cola Spiced
by cocacola

Armani Code
by garmanibeauty

by Starburst


Dare to Dream
by 21savage

TED Yearbook
by luchoegonzalez

Find Your Scent Men
by sokostavaratalot

Vonzy Filter Challenge
by vonnyfelicia

ACME Bootcamp
by looneytunes

AR filters are evolving, giving brands new ways to be creative and connect with their audiences. Each new campaign pushes the limits of digital marketing, opening up exciting possibilities for the future of branded AR experiences.

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