AR NOW #9 – Latest Metaverse News

Stay informed: the digital world waits for you to discover all of its secrets. What are the latest Metaverse news?

There’s something magical about looking at all of the newest developments in the digital industry. Completely new opportunities are growing right before your eyes, allowing users to interact with elements brought to life just by the screen of the smartphone. Not to mention it’s not only artistic experience, but also educational. And we are always looking forward to show you newest inventions from the Metaverse. 👀

What will you learn?

AWE Europe 2023

👉 We have something special for you: a first-hand report from AWE EU 2023. Lenslist Team travelled to Vienna, to take part in the biggest AR event in Europe. We not only had the chance to meet up with some of the Creators – finally in real life! – but we were able to visit many interesting conferences and exhibitions. We even had an impact of our own: Zuza Śliwińska, Lenslist’s COO and co-founder, spoke about the new search engine, XR Bazaar’s mission, and working in the AR industry. Did you have the chance to come and say hi? 😏

See our report from the event ⤵️

Legoland’s AR game rooms

👉 Legoland is introducing a new feature: the AR game rooms will be created in some of the venues, to encourage more visitors inside the park. The new experiences will be based on famous TV shows and cartoons like Paw Patrol or Squid Games, allowing players to interact with each other while they play. Merlin Entertainments, the owner of the Legoland, plans to have 8 game rooms per venue, using projection mapping, touch screens and surround sound. The project will be overseen by Immersive Gamebox, a company already known for creating unique, interactive experiences. Although the new features will be first introduced in Germany and Australia, the plan is to expand worldwide it in the next year.

metaverse news: legoland

Snapchat x Inspirit STEM program

👉 Snapchat is joining forces with Inspirit to create Augmented Reality STEM curriculum. The experimental platform, designed for both students and teachers, will provide with resources like immersive simulations or 3D models, based on the research from Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab. Combined with Snapchat’s AR tools, the lessons are also said to help students visualize and understand STEM basic concepts, through lenses in real life. After the launch, Snapchat is planning to offer 25 STEM AR learning modules to at least 50 schools across the US.

ar news: snap x inspirit

Source: Inspirit

Snapchat x Louvre AR Exhibition

👉 But STEM education isn’t the only thing that Snapchat is working on. The platform collaborated with the Louvre museum to create an extremely unique, educational AR experience for tourists called the “Egypt Augmented”. A series of interactive lenses can be found in the museum’s department of Egyptian Antiquities and in the Cour Carré of the Musée du Louvre. The best part of the experience is that it doesn’t replace the real exhibition. Thanks to the Snapchat’s technology, visitors can see the shapes, materials, colors and decorations of the selected works lost over time, resurrected through Augmented Reality. Among the features we can find: The Naos of Amasis, The Chamber of Ancestors, The Dendera Zodiac, An AR obelisk in the museum’s Cour Carrée, and a face Lense, available to users all over the world.

metaverse news: snap x louvre

Source: Snapchat

Google beauty AR shopping

👉 3 years after Google first introduced the feature, the tech giant is now expanding the availability of AR beauty filters, bringing it to mobile browsers. Users can now access these tools not only through the Google app but also from any mobile browser in the United States. Now the potential customers will be able to try-on products like make-up foundations or hair colouring products before completing the purchase, allowing them to make more informed decisions. But it doesn’t stop there: according to Google, in the coming weeks, AR lip and eye makeup will be introduced as well.

metaverse news: google beauty

Source: Google

Exploring the constantly growing digital industry is a journey we’re lucky to be a part of. Each day brings new opportunities that are just waiting to be discovered, and by sharing them, we hope to inspire you to create your own, most magical experiences.

Stay tuned for more Metaverse news!