Best Branded XR Experiences | June

Once again, we find ourselves immersed in the tapestry of marketing ARt within our selection of the Best Branded XR Experiences! 🛍️✨ The month of June unfolded with a kaleidoscope of vibrant events, too compelling to go unnoticed in the realm of Augmented Reality campaigns! 😏

From the dazzling cinematic releases, be it from Marvel, Paramount Pictures, or Netflix, to the breathtaking visuals of renowned luxury brands, such as Jean Paul Gaultier’s alluring Elixir or Old Spice’s “scent” of vacation – each offering is a mesmerizing experience that showcases captivating trends in the realm of XR design and ignites a cascade of inspiration for new artistic endeavors! 📽️🌸

Don’t keep this freshly curated collection waiting! 🤩 Surrender yourself to a heavenly indulgence with Dior, witness the transformation of your beloved pet or car, and savor the precious moments with each of these extraordinary effects! 🌊 Rest assured, the splendor they possess is truly worthwhile!

Transformers: Rise of The Beasts by Paramount Pictures

Did you see the newest adventure of Optimus Prime and the Autobots? 👀If you feel like something is missing from the experience, don’t worry! Paramount Pictures prepared an AR adventure that will allow you to exclusively immerse yourself in the futuristic world of Transformers. But be careful – they can hide anywhere! Whether it’s your beloved pet or favorite car… better use this lens to check if it’s keeping any secrets. 🤫 Just use Transform Your Car and turn it to the nearest vehicle, or choose Transformers Pets and point the camera at your dog. Who knows what you might see? 🤫

Transformers Pets
by Paramount Pictures

Transform Your Car
by Paramount Pictures

Netflix & Paige Piskin: Black Mirror experience

With the long-awaited premiere of Black Mirror’s 6th season, it was expected to see an amazing AR experience inspired by the TV Show. After all, it’s known for mixing realities, especially with the technology involved. 🤖 @paigepiskin made sure that Netflix’s fans had the opportunity to feel like the main character of the 1st episode, and we can assure you – the result is impressive! The Joan is Awful effect is available for all TikTok and Instagram users, so don’t hesitate to try it out for yourself. Luckily, her looks will be the only resemblance between you two. 😬

IKEA Starter Pack by Lens That

Everyone needs some shopping inspiration from time to time, and so it happens that IKEA is here to help you out! 😏 In a true Gen-Z style, the Starter Pack Effect will show you the best selection of products carefully selected by the influencers. Are you going on vacation, or spending your summer playing e-sports games? 🎮 Maybe you’re entering your Barbie era? Whatever it is you’re planning, IKEA has the perfect set for you, and the AR filter made by Lens That will prove it to you. 🔥 The best part? You can actually buy the selected starter pack directly from IKEA’s website. ✨

IKEA Starter Pack
by lens.that

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Le Male Elixir
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by wehopride

NYA x MBW2023
by metaversebeautyweek

by kph_official

Wiedźmin Fest
by netflixpl


cruel summer


WoF quiz UK
by Disney

by beyondxstudio


Wear the ELLE AR cover
by elle.romania

Transformers Pet Vision

This Summer I Will Be
by andimitchellll

Extraordinary, totally innovative, and incredibly varied – these words best describe today’s compilation of mARketing effects! 🙌🏻🦄 And rest assured, we won’t miss out on anything new with the brands promoting their products and services through Extended Reality! 🪅 We’re filled with immense awe and excitement (and most likely, so are you) – this experience will undoubtedly stay with us until our next selection! Until then, see you soon! 🪄