Weekly Selection #141

Introducing our 141st Weekly Selection full of mesmerizing brand-new effects, intense colors, and futuristic worlds! 👽

Vibrant fluorescent paints, doubling, fusing, and blurring, are just some of the vibes that will make you believe in the limitless possibilities and the magic of AR. 💎 Discover new avatars in the metaverse, pick up a special piece of jewelry with the Heera Ho Tum effect, or just relax with Digital Candlelight… 🕯️ But that’s not all in today’s collection. 😏 Get ready for extreme sensations as you dive into the spooky atmosphere of the newly released movie, try on a mask with spiders crawling over your face 🕷️, or find yourself in an underwater kingdom with some dangerous inhabitants. 🐊💚

Plus! In celebration of the ongoing Coachella festival, there are additional neon installations in the form of a fluffy neon rabbit or tall, unearthly plants! Let’s begin this incredible AR expedition ASAP! 💖🌸🤩

Our Lenslist database includes thousands of Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok effects. Every one of them is teased by a demo video, has a direct link that opens it on mobile social apps, and is tagged depending on its style and functionalities it uses. To help you take full advantage of Lenslist, we've linked some tags related to the filters mentioned in this article. Don't hesitate to try them out!

Spatial Fairy
by florenciaraffa1980

Harmony the Hare
by coachella

🍄 portals
by lednique

Crocodile Forest
by kym_fiala

Black Widow
by dylongfiala

Related tags:


by meta_christ

Pressure Relief
by lokidolor

Sewu Dino
by sewudinomovie

10 Years of Being Me
by melondonhotel

Related tags:

accessoriestarget trackingflame

Cherry Blossom
by officialkevents

by msfiltros.marcela

by maeseevskii

Summer Flower
by hello_im_xenia

World of Lens That
by lens.that

Engage Mbappé Mode
by nikefootball

Related tags:

spaceplane trackingmakeup

Liquid Energy
by monogrid

Inner Aegis
by aegisfestival_

Barbie do Agro
by silviane.mrocha

Mario Bros AR Poster
by madebyhumans_

by sashzabegalin

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Heera Ho Tum
by tanishqjewellery

Futuristic city 360°
by ar_universe_filters

Clovão do Metaverso
by cf.digital.art

Leo Vijay
by irfan_lesnar_

by mujeraumentada

Airtel – The 5G Run
by airtelindia

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Immersion and dissolution in space! Did you feel it like we did? It was really impressive and energizing – so many shades, shapes, and the most incredible exotic objects! 🧚🏽‍♀️🌿 And all this is for your inspiration! 💡 So… are you encouraged enough to experiment yourself? Then don’t wait, just go and create mind-blowing stuff! 🪄🌟