Best Branded XR Experiences | March

March has passed incredibly quickly, and it’s time to sum up everything that has happened in the marketing world in the first month of Spring. 💐While the rays of sunshine are giving everyone an inspirational boost, it’s also an important mark in many brands’ calendars. All of the fall/winter collections are being replaced, and it’s time for marketers to focus on summer time – especially in fashion. 👗But it’s safe to say that’s not the only part of the market that’s blooming right now. 🌸

Brands are not slowing down with their innovative ideas, and as a result we have a lot to show you in this edition of the Best Branded XR Experiences. 🤩 We would like to invite you to take a closer look at some of our favorite campaigns from all areas of the market. Whether it’s the music industry, or education – XR has a lot to offer. Let’s dive right into it! 🔥

Dungeons & Dragons AR Experiences

Although the famous D&D originated only as a table role-playing game, its worldwide success wouldn’t end there. Even over 30 years later, the fans can enjoy their favorite universe on a big screen with the premiere of the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie premiering in April 2023. 🐉 And from the world full of magic and wonders, it only makes sense to expect an extraordinary campaign. Viewers, or players, can fully immerse themselves into the D&D world simply by using AR experiences, accessible on every smartphone.📱Whether it’s trying on a make-up filter by NYX cosmetics or facing the terrifying dragon through Paramount Pictures’ effect – you can feel like a movie character yourself! 🧙

DnD Character Lens
by Paramount Pictures

D&D Movie
by nyxcosmetics

Dungeons & Dragons
by paramountbrasil

Vogue x Snapchat: Redefining The Body

The first edition of Redefining The Body campaign was a success without question. ✨Now, the show is coming back and although the exhibition was available physically in London, Snapchat’s users from all around the world can enjoy all the digital looks by using dedicated Lenses. What’s better than experiencing high fashion from the comfort of your own home? 🏡 Thanks to the campaign, the best outfits from luxury designers like Dior, Versace, Stella McCartney or Kenneth Ize become accessible for everyone – from the beautiful aesthetic of the exhibition to the magical experience of stepping into the virtual fashion world. Turn your surroundings into the most stylish Vogue catwalk! 👠

Vogue x Snapchat
by Snapchat

Vogue x Snapchat
by Stella McCartney

Vogue x Snapchat
by thebemagugu

Vogue x Snapchat
by Kenneth Ize

Vogue x Snapchat
by Richard Quinn

Beyond Wonderland Music Festival

We all know the tale of Alice, a little girl lost in a magical world full of secrets. 💫 But who knew there’s even more in Beyond Wonderland? 🤔 The electronic dance festival organized by Insomniac Events makes all the effort to take attendees to a whole another dimension. And as we know, one of the best ways to expand reality is through AR experiences.💜 It’s not only a way to promote the event, but also an opportunity for festival-goers to hype themselves up for the upcoming concerts, or join the celebration if they are not able to attend. All of the filters match the trippy vibe of Beyond Wonderland, and allow users to fully dive into the rabbit hole as they step into the metaverse. 🤯 Meet the characters from the story, or become them yourself – whatever you like! 🤩

Trippin with Alice
by beyondwland

Dancing Caterpillar
by beyondwland

Pasquale's Hat
by beyondwland

Cuddly Cheshire Cat
by beyondwland

YASS Rose Queen
by beyondwland

Groovin' Timekeeper
by beyondwland

The Museum of Art and Photography

With the growing possibilities of technology, more and more educational institutions see it as a perfect way to improve the viewers’ experiences, whether it’s a virtual exhibition or additional features like Augmented Reality. 🧑‍🏫 The Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) located in India took advantage of what AR has to offer, and used it as a way to engage visitors in the exhibitions which not only provided more information about the art, but also made it a fun experience. 👀 Check out all interactive features that can contribute to improving user’s focus, and combine entertainment with learning! 🌟

Artify Yourself
by mapbangalore

Jyoti Bhatt’s Lens
by mapbangalore

Stories in Stitches
by mapbangalore

Shadow Puppet Show
by mapbangalore

Rider on an Elephant
by mapbangalore

Automotive AR Experiences

We already mentioned fashion, entertainment and education, but it’s also important to acknowledge the automotive sector. 🚗 In March we could see the increase of the producers using Augmented Reality to advertise their vehicles, and for a good reason. 😉 Technology and the automotive market are tied to each other, and with that in mind it’s easier to reach the targeted audience. 💜 In just one month, 3 of some of the biggest brands used the potential of AR to showcase their newest models, and we can expect more of them to follow in the footsteps of Kia, Peugeot and Fiat in the months to come. 🧐

by kia.kor

by kia.kor

Monte o seu 208 NEW
by oficialpeugeot

by oficialpeugeot

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The Rift
by coachella

As Rare As You
by clarinsofficial

by financial.conduct.authority

by longchamp

by doritosuk


by PradaBeauty

Hi Fi RUSH Runner

D My Dior
by Dior


Eudora AS Filter
by mlbbttofficial

Archi Planet
by effecthouse

by keunehaircosmetics

La Roche Posay
by larocheposayus


And that’s all we have for you today! 🥰 We must admit – there’s no better way to start a season than with so much inspirational content. ✨ We hope that you enjoyed our first Spring’s selection of branded XR experiences, and it motivated you as much as us. But let’s face it: this is not everything that marketers have to offer, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the upcoming months. 👀

Stay tuned!