Lenslist x Effect House Trick and Treat Challenge | So Funny It’s Scary Inspirations

Halloween is just around the corner and we can’t decide what we’re most excited for! 🧐🎃 There are so many attractions waiting for us… including the very best – your submissions for our Lenslist x Effect House Trick or Treat Challenge! 😈 We believe deep down that Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for our dear AR creatives with heads full of work – why don’t we lift some of that burden off you and fill you up with extra-scary inspiration? 💜👻

To let Halloween effects completely take over TikTok during this Spooky Season, we’ve asked you to explore various possibilities of Effect House (available to download here, now on Windows too!) and surprise (or scare) us with your best Effect House tricks a.k.a. thrilling Halloween-themed effects. 💀✨ We’d be more than welcome to receive submissions starting from Halloween costumes or unforgettable pop culture moments, to a creepy mask for your pet or compelling challenges – whatever your brilliant minds will come up with. Good news is that the Treat awaits you in the form of up to $5,000! 🎉

In our previous Inspiration Article, we’d given you a hint about one type of filters, spooky and thrilling costume-based filters. 🦸‍♀️ Today, we’re coming to you with a second wave of inspiration – brace yourselves for the coolest examples of pet tracking, randomizers and funny filters! 🤩 Try them out and let them kick off your imagination!

by lauragouillon

by jvizard

Pumpkin Cat
by annehorel

Costume Picker by mc
by magicalcelery

Stealing Baby Ghost
by gameplus40

So, what did the Ouija Board tell you? 👀 T… A… K… E… part in our challenge! 🎃 There is one week left! We hope that all your spookiest dreams and ideas will come to life soon! 🚀 Mark the date of the deadline – October 31st – and to find out more, check out our brief. ✨