10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | February 2022

Every day we discover new creators, people from all over the world, talented and passionate about learning new things. ⭐️ These are people full of creative energy, exploring opportunities to find a way to express themselves. 🚀 They prove that everyone who wants to expand their ideas can start creating Augmented Reality. 💜 So, let’s meet our February 10 AR Creators you should follow! 👇👇👇


An AR Designer using Augmented Reality to turn people’s daydreams into reality. Actively trying to include storytelling into experiences, and sharing what I’m learning with the community to bring more people into the AR space. 🚀

greed face
by tan.x.r

alien tongue
by itstanxr

“Can I also do what you’re doing?” is a question I get asked a lot. And I think this would be a good time to share my journey, as well as answer this question.

There are three things you need to know about me,

1) I’m a forensic science graduate. I used to do forgery detection and stuff. No background in design whatsoever.

2) I can’t write even a single line of code. Not even HTML.

3) My laptop runs on a GeForce GPU. It’s practically considered a potato in the design space.

With that in mind. I just became a Snap Lens Network Creator. I got off my onboarding call with Snapchat before writing this down.

If a non-design, no-code, rendering on a potato computer guy like me can do it. You can also do it.

Lastly, using existing IP is okay. But don’t rely on them forever and try to explore your own style. That’s the journey I’m on right now. Exploring and experimenting to find my style of building immersive experiences.

This includes documenting my journey and putting what I’ve learned out there for others to watch, and for them to learn from my experience and mistakes. Because I know how much I struggled to get into this space due to lack of resources. I’m trying to do my bit about remedying that scarcity of resources.

It’s still very early and I’m excited for where we’re headed as a Community.

– Tanishqua

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Syed Mohammad Hasan

Hasan is a high school pass out, a filter Creator and a graphic design artist based in India. Right now he is finding different possibilities to “how to create amazing Instagram filters”. He also likes to create trippy filters, which soothes his eyes. ⭐️

Cyber x Steampunk
by hasan.xrfx

Circus Joker
by hasan.xrfx

Color Melt
by hasan.xrfx

I was a high school kid when I knew about AR experiences in the form of AR filters since then I started creating filters for Instagram with Spark AR.

My filter creation journey actually started a few months back when the Cyberware Challenge was started, I got to know a bunch of new things about Spark AR which I never knew, Spark AR Community was a great inspiration source for me. Their creations seriously blew my mind.

It’s not even 1 year of creating these Effects but I have got very familiar with them. I will continue making filters for Instagram and other platforms, also I am looking forward to XR & AR Design as a full-time career in my Future.

– Syed Mohammad Hasan

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Sean Kelly

Sean is a self-taught AR & 3D Creator, based in Los Angeles. He posts unreal 3D art regularly on his Instagram, but also channels these skills into immersive AR Effects! His Effects use original elements to make flattering selfie Effects & surreal World AR Effects- constantly pushing the envelope of possibility! 🦾

Welcome to my Surreality! As a self-taught multimedia artist, unlocking my visions that can be actualized through AR motivates me tremendously. Although each of my AR concepts starts with a clear “seed” that I want to sow, the nuance achieved in the final result is an outcome of the process – trial & error, a multitude of drafts, experimenting, and sometimes even scrapping the whole thing! It is imperative to recognize that everything is a lesson, especially in the development of your own artistic processes.

I am always looking toward the future, and my efforts in AR are no exception. I intend to continue creating collaborative art with musicians, artists, and brands in all directions. This medium’s road is so inclusive, and we can all pave it together!

Follow me, reach out, and let’s support each other!

– Sean Kelly

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Nicolle Torquato

Nicolle Torquato, a 3D artist based in Brazil, works with Augmented Reality and digital influence on Instagram. She started working with filters based on her work as a designer.

Last Tree
by nycbez

by nycbez

by nycbez

Hello, my name is Nicolle, I live in Brazil and have been working with Augmented Reality since 2019. During this time I was more specialized in color filters (lut) and then I became interested in 3D modelling where I specialized in some courses and today I am a 3D artist bringing it to the filter area. I bring the filters to my experience and have to seek as many inspirations as possible, especially futuristic themes but I also seek vintage influences. Nowadays, without a doubt, filters are my basis for living, because I seek more experiences to further improve my results and always try to help in some way make other Creators seek my knowledge.

– Nicolle Torquato

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She is a Creator from India, currently studying web development. She loves to create aesthetic World AR filters, fun games, creative face filters and she’s still exploring ⭐️. Her hobbies are photography, sketching and stargazing.

counting sheep
by mayris_filters

Snow dart
by mayris_filters

Shanghai Light🌉 💕
by mayris_filters

About four months ago, I was introduced to Spark through a friend. As an artist and a person who daydreams a lot, I found it to be an amazing platform to show my creativity and ideas.

The beginning was the most difficult part for me. Getting familiar with the environment and learning patches, textures, layers etc. to be honest, I gave up a lot of times. But as I saw so many creative filters and got to know so many creators during competitions, that really got me moving forward. I saw my statistics daily on SparkHUB, and it made me really happy to see how my filters are used by people from so many different countries, belonging to different age groups. That worked as a source of motivation for me and kept me going.

From following Spark tutorials on YouTube to attending Spark Creators class on Zoom, I’ve now reached a point where I’m capable of converting my creative ideas into filters and that is something I’m really proud of. I am really looking forward to making more World AR, makeup and cosplay filters and hopefully working with some amazing brands.

Even though it has not been that long since I started, I appreciate the amount of support that I have received so far. All this love and support encourages me to work harder and create more such content. Thanks to ‘Spark AR’ for providing such an amazing platform for people like me, and helping us explore the artist in us.

– May

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Vidhi Shrivastava

Welcome to the World of AR! PATIENCE IS THE KEY! I started making filters in lockdown for fun and now I am actually enjoying it.

All you need to do is EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT and LEARN! 🚀

Thor Thunder
by vidhiarfilters

Dynamic fire flames
by vidhiarfilters

by vidhiarfilters

Vidhi Shrivastava is an artist from India with a post-graduation degree in Master of Computer Applications (MCA). She loves creating and exploring AR filters. Everything started during the lockdown – and now it became her hobby! 😎

I started creating filters back in 2020 when the lockdown was imposed, and I wanted to learn new technology, So I was exploring google and started making them. Furthermore, I learned from YouTube, spark AR official documentation, and by experimenting with the patches. Then I joined the Community on Facebook and was shocked and impressed to see how people are able to mix reality with different technologies and imagination. I got a boost when within 2-3 months one of my filters got 2M impressions. I have 250+ filters (with more than 430 million impressions) on my profile and have made AR filters for different brands, PR agencies and makeup artists like gaana.com, bakersvilleIndia etc. I have even started creating filters on Lens Studio (Snapchat).

I am so happy to share that I recently got the opportunity to give the “Lightning talks and office hours” for XR Hackathon announced by Spark AR (Meta). Apart from this, I was an expert coach who taught college students “how to create Spark AR filters from scratch” for about 3 months when Reskill and Spark AR collaborated. Also did workshops on Spark AR for different universities in India and was also the judge for different hackathons. Also, my AR project was shortlisted in top makers teams to display on Asia’s Largest Platform for Makers.

I am a Meta Innovator from India. I usually get inspired by the Community, Instagram, Picsart and my friends who give me amazing ideas. While creating filters it’s all about how creative your mind and imagination is. I watch movies, read comics and get some cool ideas.

Huge thanks to the Spark AR Community for always being there for the creators, helping them a lot.

Special thanks to Lenslist for always admiring and appreciating creators’ work and bringing out incredible challenges for us.

And to all the beginners just keep on experimenting with the stuff and ask questions in the Community. Just don’t give up, keep learning and exploring.

– Vidhi Shrivastava

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Paula is an AR Creator and former makeup artist based in London. After working in the makeup world for so long, she felt like a pARt of her was missing – now she explores a digital side of the world of art! ✨

by filtromena

I Hate Seagulls
by filtromena

by filtromena

Hi, I’m Paula, an AR Creator and former makeup artist based in London.

After 15 years working as a makeup artist, mainly in music and fashion and reading the book “Life 3.0” about A.I. I had the urge to do something else digital-related but I wasn’t sure what, so I started to explore different things.

The year before the pandemic I enrolled in a Machine Learning course which I later found was too hard for me. I also started to study Python while working as a makeup artist so I didn’t really have the time to properly learn, as shoots and filming are long hours.

So the pandemic hit and suddenly I found myself with plenty of time to finally explore options and time to study. So after studying 3D modelling and some rigging for a year, along with some 2D software, I started building effects with Spark AR Studio and fell instantly in love with the technology. It’s now been a year.

I’m not sure if I have a particular style just yet, although I have many sources of inspiration;

music, fashion, films, games, anime, nature, other Creators’ work… This year has been more about experimenting and learning, and I’m happy now that I can build more complex Effects.

I’m currently studying scripting and shaders and planning to publish my first Lens Studio effect soon.

– Paula

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Analice Bastos

The moment she discovered that creating Effects on Instagram is possible was a turning point in her life. 💛 She started working with not only influencers all over the world but also big companies – AR opened many professional and personal doors!

under the mistletoe
by licebastos

lucid dream ✨
by licebastos

As soon as I heard we could make filters on Instagram I tried it and it completely changed my life. I started working with influencers worldwide and now most of my clients are big companies. Between clients, I work on personal projects, but with so many paid contests lately, I’ve been able to spend more time developing those effects.

I come from a different background than most of the Creators. I’m a registered nurse with a masters in education in health, but digital design has been a hobby since I was a kid and it became my creative outlet. Now with all the advance in AR I’m excited to see integrative possibilities between AR and health education.

Most of my inspiration for filters come from animation movies, surrealism and makeup artists. I can’t say I found my style, but I use it as an advantage to make filters of many different kinds.

All my favorite Effects have 3D elements and this is the skill I’m currently working on improving. I would love to start coding but for now it’s on hold. I have just been accepted into the Tiktok House beta program, so now my focus is on understanding the platform and creating Effects there too. I expect to keep growing as a Creator and maybe be an inspiration to someone as so many amazing Creators are to me.

Thank you Lenslist for the opportunity to show my work here ♡

– Analice Bastos

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Mariia Silich

Mariia Silich is Ukrainan Creator, with previous experience with 3D art and game development. 👾 AR is something she’s close with every day – being a proud member of the Morphy Vision team and working with high-quality art!

by silichmasha

2121 X ne.zloy.ya
by silichmasha

by silichmasha

Hello! I am from Ukraine.

Earlier I worked as 3D artist in game dev sphere. But already for 3 years, I have been working in the sphere of Augmented Reality. Now I am a part of the great Morphy Vision team and we’re focused on creation of the high-quality filters with an emphasis on 3d modelling.

I am sure – AR is not a single tiny wave but a tsunami that is going to cover modern technology world. I am very inspired about modern technologies and their possibilities. A few years ago, I could not imagine that I would create Augmented Reality on my own. I watched films and thought that this impossible for the nearest future. But the future is now.

– Mariia Silich

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Sasha Goodman

Meet Sasha Goodman, an AR Creator, who came a long way and overcame many artistic challenges to finally discover the world she feels the best in – AR. ⭐️

The Bad Touch
by rgbmodel

Hi, my name is Sasha Goodman, I am an AR Creator with a rich immigration history.

I had to go a long way through the study of graphic design, academic drawing … to settle on what inspired me with a special freedom – it’s AR.

AR has no size, no expiration date, it stays forever in your saved effects. Anyone who has a phone can get acquainted with your work. I’m inspired to create Effects by my mental images that are formed from communication with people, nature, philosophy, religions and modern art.

– Sasha Goodman

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