Weekly Selection #56

Get inspired by this selection of 50 Instagram AR effects published during last week! ✨ Watch demo videos or try them yourself with your Instagram mobile app 🤳

Our Lenslist database includes thousands of Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok effects. Every one of them is teased by a demo video, has a direct link that opens it on mobile social apps, and is tagged depending on its style and functionalities it uses. To help you take full advantage of Lenslist, we've linked some tags related to the filters mentioned in this article. Don't hesitate to try them out!

Enjoy! 🔥

Related tags:

hair segmentationcartoonflowers

Related tags:

musicsegmentation render pass

F1 Dutch Grand Prix
by f1_dutchgp

Beliaeva AR look
by finch_wear

My Next Effect Is…
by sparkarmemes

My new Sci-fi comics
by morphy.vision

Jelly Fairy
by livicggurl

by jorik.rosa

Related tags:


by kewinlima

by versace

Million to One
by cinderellamovieofficial

Ariana Grande bride
by sasha_soul_art

The Scandal Looks
by jeanpaulgaultier

Related tags:

body segmentationkira kiracrown

My Mascara
by lorealparis

zodiac auras
by bershka

by damonncho

Elements of Nature
by danielwellington

by vitulo.work

by hugodallmann

Related tags:

featherssubstances art

It – Pennywise
by florenciaraffa1980

by valentino.beauty

In Colour
by canarywharflondon

Ines Alpha
by ffface.me

Aleksey Efremov
by ffface.me

Related tags:


Related tags:

target trackingdigital fashionface mask

Strat Time Machine
by strategieslive

New Miss Dior
by diorbeauty

Bobux Birthday Game
by bobuxshoes

polka dot man DC
by pancake_monke

Related tags:

animalswater helmet

by carriagewaycemetery

Indomie AR Edition
by iksanbangsawan

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