AR Revolution in Automotive Industry

This is a huge step forward, that allows the AR developers to expand their business and gain access to additional 1.3 billion users on Messenger and 800 million on Instagram. The creation tools are also getting constantly improved. Using SketchFab and Patch Editor users without any coding or texturing skills can create their own, personalized effects. Sound Collection app provides a variety of samples enhancing those projects. In Lens Studio anyone can design their unique effect for Snapchat, and if it’s for Facebook – Spark AR is the way to go.

All these apps are available for download to anyone, and in addition to that, Spark is planning to release for Windows in the nearest future. This means, that the automotive companies from around the world have a chance to try out the compelling capabilities of AR marketing. We are one step closer to removing vehicles from car saloons, and replacing them with VR and AR stands.

As it becomes visible from the examples above, augmented reality has already put its roots down deep into the automotive industry. The biggest companies on the market reach for the innovative marketing solutions that use AR technology more often, promoting their newest products with visualizer tools or making the test drives before premiere possible. If you are interested in finding more examples of AR activations in automotive or any other industry, be sure to head straight to and type anything related to it into the search engine. We hope you enjoyed this article and see you in the next one!