AR NOW #12 – Latest Metaverse News

The Metaverse as we know it is constantly changing. 🌐 Each day marketers, developers and brands are looking for new ways to use tools like AI or AR to create the most captivating experiences, both in marketing and our daily lives. 💫

Staying in the loop of everything that’s happening might quickly become a tricky task, but here we are with yet another knowledge boost for everyone interested in the digital world. 📖

Scroll below to discover the latest projects from Valentino, Reebok, L’Oréal and more! 👇

L’Oréal Professionnel AR ad

Are interactive billboards the upcoming marketing trend? We believe so! The collaboration between L’Oreal Professionnel and 8th Wall is the perfect example of spicing up traditional out-of-home advertising with engaging, immersive features sparking the curiosity of each passerby. The launch of the Metal Detox hair oil in Sephora’s stores was followed by the campaign using Augmented Reality experience, powered by Niantic, in Times Square, New York.

After scanning the QR code on the digital billboard, users could see the realistic animation of the product pouring directly into the street from the ad. Additionally, each person who used the effect could collect a free hair oil sample from the nearby Sephora store increasing the engagement rate. Overall, the experience reached over 1 million social media users.

Adidas comes to Roblox

Once again, we witness one of the top fashion brands recognising the power of the metaverse as a way of reaching new crowds. Adidas is officially opening its pop-up stores in Roblox, allowing its customers to purchase the brand’s virtual apparel, including Firebird tracksuits. The limited edition was designed by one of Roblox’s creators, Rush Bogin (Rush X) who collaborated with Adidas on creating unique pieces.

Latest metaverse news - Roblox x Adidas

source: Adidas

The products are available through experiences such as Princess Dress Up Obby, Cotton Obby!, Seaboard City, Theme Park HeideLand, Noob Train, Dream Island, and Ultimate Ragdoll Playground. Adidas is said to yet expand the initiative in the coming weeks.

Reebok’s Digital Werables launch

Similarly to Adidas, Reebok is joining the Metaverse by creating an immersive, digital experience. The footwear brand announced its partnership with Futureverse coming in 2024, focused on a mind and heart-bending experience. Although we don’t know the details yet, from what the brand shared, the Reebok Impact will connect AI, Web3, and gaming.

Midjourney V6

AI enthusiasts can now enjoy a new version of Midjourney, available on Discord, and soon directly on the website for subscribers as well. The update is said to completely transform the way of prompting, encouraging users to re-learn prompting completely. V6 has been in the works for 9 months, and while according to the devs, it isn’t a final step, it’s already more sensitive than V5 and things will change in the future.

What can you expect in the latest Midjourney update? more precise prompt following, longer prompts, better coherence, and model knowledge, introduced remix mode and improved image prompting, Minor text drawing ability and Improved upscalers are just some of the many changes. For details visit Midjourney’s website.

Valentino’s AR try-on

Staying on the subject of digital fashion, let’s talk about Valentino’s latest initiative. The Luxury designer once again joined forces with Wanna, enabling users to try on products from the Spring 2024 collection without leaving the house or even waiting for delivery. All it takes is downloading the Wanna Wear app on iOS and taking a picture of themselves wearing the brand-new pieces. After clicking on one of the pieces, customers can learn more about the product.

This isn’t the first time Valentino has come across their online customers’ needs: the fashion brand previously worked with Wanna on introducing the VTO feature with shoes, Urban Flows Fall 2023 collection and the ValenTie from its Black Tie Fall/Winter 2023-24 collection.