AR NOW #11 – Latest Metaverse News

Are you wondering what’s happening in the digital world? See the latest Metaverse News, to stay up to date with the industry.

As the end of the year is getting closer, brands are thinking about new ways to leave it in style, creating the most incredible campaigns or projects, leaving us, the marketers, stunned. Augmented Reality is proving to be a tool loved by the market, making each campaign something incredible.

the examples we want to show you, are saying the same thing. ⤵️

Asos in Real Life AR pop-up

This year’s Black Friday was a truly unique moment for every fashion-lover, present in London at the time. Asos, an online shopping platform loved by customers worldwide, opened its first real-life store. The pop-up was available from November 23-26 and had more to offer than just regular shopping.

Live music, panel talks and workshops, and of course AR experiences, are designed to celebrate the digital-only brand’s connection to the real world. To make it happen Asos joined forces with Snapchat, resulting in an AR experience allowing users to play with the avatars, showcasing the store’s collection on the digital catwalks, and AR mirrors enabling virtual try-ons for the customers.

Snapchat & Nyx Beauty Bestie campaign

The collaboration aims at helping users express themselves easily, through a dedicated AR make-up experience powered by AI. The interactive tool was designed by Arcadia, Snapchat’s in-house creative studio. After a quick quiz, the filter will automatically show you the perfect look created exclusively by NYX Professional Makeup makeup artists. And the best part? A guide on how to achieve it! Each tip that you need will automatically show up on your face, showing you how to recreate it perfectly.

NYX Beauty Bestie
by NYX Cosmetics

DressX’s desktop camera

The brand already known for digital innovations took another step to make life easier for everyone involved in the digital life. The new desktop camera from DressX is now available in Beta, allowing users to change their appearance through Augmented Reality on the biggest platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. The camera enables you to pick one of the many looks prepared by DressX in collaboration with known digital fashion creators like Ines Alpha, Sophie Maxx, R3N3GADES, Larissa Castellano Pucci and Nik Gundersen. Right now users can choose from various selections of jewellery, and accessories like sunglasses and hats.

Lego’s Transatlantic Snowball Competition

Lego’s idea of a Christmas campaign focuses on connecting people from all over the world, despite the Ocean separating them. The brand used Augmented reality, to create an interactive experience, allowing people passing by the store to take part in an Epic snowball fight with a person across the globe and become the best snowball fighter on the live leaderboard. The goal of the competition is to throw as many snowballs in a specific timeframe and compete with the other city on the score. The AR experience is available for everyone at Lego’s 5th Avenue store in New York and in Leicester Square in London.

Latest metaverse news - Lego's translatic snowball competition

source: Lego

Honda’s Keep Dreaming campaign

The automotive company introduced its first all-electric SUV through the innovative Keep Dreaming campaign, focused on the brand’s history and carbon neutrality commitment, using interactive technologies, including Augmented Reality. The brand worked with an illustrator, Paul Shipper, on creating the Wall of Dreams murals in New York and Los Angeles, with QR codes activating additional 3D animations. The AR experience tells Honda’s story, at the same time directly involving their customers in the campaign.