‘Get Inspired’ Tab Splits Into FREE AR Filters Directory & PAID AR Search Engine Starting October 10

As you’ve probably noticed, 2023 was not a great year for our industry so far and the crisis reached Lenslist, too. We were not able to cover our costs from partnerships and community activations and now we are not sure if we will be able to keep Lenslist alive for much longer. To try and mitigate the situation, we decided to start charging marketing agencies, brands and professional creative studios, using our platform to gather AR references for creating proposals, pitch decks and creative briefs for commercial projects. We know that the ‘Get Inspired’ tab has been useful to the whole community to look for inspiration and showcase your work, so we’re not leaving you hanging.

That’s why, starting Tuesday, October 10, 2023, we’re splitting the ‘Get Inspired’ tab into FREE AR Filters Directory & PAID AR Search Engine. What does that mean in practice?

In the free AR Filters Directory, you’ll still be able to access all AR examples gathered by our team, sort them by the latest, and filter them by the platform, allowing you to still be up to date with the newest AR effects found on the platform you’re creating on. We will also keep producing and publishing content for you, including all of the Selections, where we will keep spotlighting Creators and the most interesting work from our community.

The AR Search Engine will be paid and tailored to the needs of marketing agencies, brands, professional creative studios and also Creators working on commercial projects. It will have more searchable categories, including different industries, technologies, formats and aesthetics. What’s most important, the new search engine will be super fast and you won’t be waiting for the results, like you had previously. We’re also enabling an option to create moodboards, meaning lists of AR examples that fit the brief, that will be shareable, without the need for the receiving party to pay for the search engine. Moodboards will also allow for collaboration, where both you and your clients will be able to leave notes and comments under specific examples.

When it comes to Creators, who’ve been using Lenslist to share their work with potential clients or collaborators, you can still create a portfolio on XR Bazaar – creating a portfolio there is and will continue to be free.

Also, every Creator with a XR Bazaar portfolio, who will need access to the AR Search Engine for commercial projects will get a discount of -67%, meaning they would pay one third of the price we will charge from agencies and brands.

We really hope you’ll continue to support us, but we also understand if that change makes you want to delete references to your work from our directory. On Tuesday, we’ll have a process in place allowing you to easily request the removal.

We also aim for this step to bring more monetization opportunities to the community in the long term. We plan to bring as many potential clients of yours, and starting Tuesday also ours, to the platform as possible. We are not sure if this change will be successful for us in terms of bouncing back from our financial troubles, but if it works, we will continue to develop Lenslist in 2024 and will implement more solutions, making it even easier for marketers and brands to connect with you through our platform.

Thank you for reading this and for supporting us throughout the years. We appreciate each and every person, who we met on this journey and hopefully, it won’t finish by the end of 2023. We really believe that our work is valuable to the community and that’s why we will try the hardest to keep going as long as possible, hopefully with your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us directly at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram or Twitter.

Thank you for everything, without this community, Lenslist would not exist at all.

~ Lenslist Team

10/10/2023 Update: In case you’d like to remove references to your work from our directory, please go to this form: