L’ARc de Triomphe Hidden Behind the Christo’s Fabric and Rope!

“The Final Christo: Original Works for The Arc de Triomphe Lens shows how the Snapchat Camera continues to play a transformative role in how people experience what’s around them, combining what they see in the real world, with all that’s available to them in the digital world. Christo and Snap’s shared vision of making art accessible to all and empowering people to tap into their own creativity inspired the Lens, making this partnership a natural fit.”

Incorporation of AR into social media platforms not only offers brands a unique method of advertising their products but also allows for local history and culture to be shared and celebrated worldwide, making all of us more and more connected. Thanks to a highly interactive, engaging and immersive nature of social media AR, Augmented Reality may be even a better source of interaction than a regular visit in a museum – especially, since you can experience it from the comfort of your own home. AR enriches reality with digital information making it not only more exciting, but also more inclusive, making art and culture more accessible to all smartphone users worldwide!