Weekly Selection #4

The last week was as generous as the former when it comes to great AR filters. We’ve managed to once again collect 16 fresh Instagram AR filters, both branded and inspirational. We present them to you using our Instagram stories as well as in this article.

Ms. Iyaaa x Vogue
by @helena_dong

The Girl From Now
by @sarahmayer.co

Feels In My Body
by @iconapop

by @jonas_stadter

by @isabelscarlazzari

Corgi The Game
by @maximkuzlin

by @ffface.me

Cute Princess
by @enuriru

Daft Punk
by @blendmod

Ruben Ireland
by @jepharaujo

bw vibe
by @triutra

Not So Basic
by @tenessees

by @bagdellenok

Meet BMW i8
by @sanghyun_300

by @pantaxray

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