Creator Spotlight: Bertrand Lapierre

Creator from 🇫🇷 France

Please tell us something about yourself. Where are you from and were do you work? For how long have you been creating AR filters? Are you a freelancer or a member of the company specializing in AR filters? etc.

I’m from Reunion Island, a little island lost in Indian Ocean. I make some community management for company as freelancer. I’ve been creating filters for 5 month ago now.

How many effects have you created so far and for which platforms?

I created 105 effects.

Name the best three effects you created and briefly describe them (this effects will be featured in the article)

My most popular effect is called Angel, it gives 3D wings to the user and some makeup, eyes colors and mysterious environnement colors.

Second one is Valkyrie, where I transform the user into a mythology character. The effect give wings in the head, and makeup.

And finally, third one will be Glitch anime girl. It transform the user into an anime character with 3D hair, and glasses. I also add a glitch effect to give a cyber vibes to it.

Which platform for creating AR filters is your favourite and why?

Spark AR studio for Instagram, because I never tried other platforms.

What in your opinion makes an AR effect successful?

For me, a good AR effect it’s when it gives an emotion and when it transports the users in a different world.

Worth the attention