Scary Reality: Your Guide to Augmented Halloween 2019

We want this post to be your guide to AR effects for this year’s Halloween. If you can’t dress up or won’t be together with your close ones, then use Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat to connect with them and feel the magic of the holidays!

Tonight is the night! 🎃 Scare, trick and amuse others with Augmented Reality 👻


Instagram | Lenslist Highlights

The best way to quickly find Halloween-themed and Scary Instagram AR Effects is to go through our dedicated Highlights. Every story has a click-through on the top which enables you to use the effect yourself – but they’re available only on mobile app.



Lenslist’s Halloween Collection

We’ve collected over 50 scary, spooky and halloweeny AR effects for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Check it out 👇


Official Halloween Effects & Lenses

Both Facebook and Snapchat create their own official AR effects which can be found in effects’ trays. Unfortunately, the more you use camera filters and the more creators you follow, there is a smaller chance to actually see them on your tray. What’s more, they’re all there temporarily. So, we’ve prepared videos that show Halloween-themed effects and lenses available now in camera trays of Snapchat, Instagram and Messenger. Just open those apps and have fun with them before they dissapear!

That’s all we’ve got! If you know any Halloween AR effects that should be included in our collection, feel free to contact us!

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