ARFest Prague 2019

Attention all ARheads, the wait is finally over – the debut of the first edition of the ARFest is just around the corner! Grab your calendars, mark the dates of 18th and 19th May and start preparing to dive into the world of Augmented Reality. On this occasion, together with Pavel Max Vincenc and his team, we have prepared a surprise for You. Read through this article and find out how to get a discount on your ARFest Tickets!

About ARFest

ARFest Prague is one of the first European events, focused primarily on the notion of Augmented Reality – how the AR tech shapes the society and social media, what might be its influence on the business and how to develop it further. We have asked the organizers to describe the core idea of their event, this is what we’ve heard:” We do believe that we can make the World a better place by connecting the Augmented World with the Real One. Did You know, that a simple filter referring to an ongoing social situation might have an impact on reality and significantly change people’s lives?” Hence, what makes ARFest so special is its approach towards the Community and how the organizers decided to put the Society, not only the AR one, in the spotlight. Instead of hearing about the possible ways certain AR platforms might be and will be improved, the listeners will have a chance of getting to know the Official AR Creators like Marc Wakefield, Piotar Boa or Johanna Jaskowska. This event might be the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Marc live talking about how he became successful, or hear Piotar’s opinion on the implementation of AR in enterprises.

The Line-Up

Day One

As it has been already mentioned, the ARFest Prague 2019 will belong to the legends of the AR Community. The event will kick off, once the registration will end, at around 10 with the Welcome Words and Opening Speech from the hosts, Pavel Max Vincenc from Havas Prague and Martin Balcar from Amnesty International.

At 10.15, the first Track of Keynotes will begin and it will consist of three individual speakers giving their lectures.

During the “294,240,472+ AR effect impressions? Part I” speech Marc Wakefield, Augmented Reality Design Studio Creator and a core member of the Spark AR Community, will share with us the history of his success.

Right after that, Eduard Krečmar will try to find the answer to the question “AR: just a trend or future?”.

Next, Jan Marciniek, the Miroslav Ondříček Film Academy graduate and the man behind project, will throw a handful of tips on “How to use augmented reality in your marketing strategy”.

Lastly, Stefan Nitz from Markerlounge 3d-Studio, will talk about “How to import 3D scans into VR/AR apps?”.

The first Track of Keynotes will end with a Panel Discussion.

At noon a one-hour Stage Talk from the team of Spark AR by Facebook will begin. This speech will be the culmination point of the first day of the ARFest Prague 2019, and will be fully devoted to the topic “Augment Your World with Spark AR.”. During this segment, Edgar Neto, Facebook’s Partner Engineer, assisted by a special guest, Facebook’s Strategic Product Partnerships Manager Malte Goesche, will be “Building the Future of AR with Spark: what’s on the horizon”.

After a short Lunch Break at 13:00, combined with a Networking Session, the Keynotes – Track II will begin. This time, the audience will get a chance to hear out four speakers.

Piotar Boa, the Video Commerce Specialist, Chatbot Expert, Official Facebook, and Instagram Camera Effects Creator and AR legend himself, will talk about “How to become Augmented Reality Developer & how can AR make every brand more visible?”.

Then, the Founder and Digital Director of Story TLRS, Šimon Vodrážka, will defend his statement “Coworking is the way to do the best things ever”.

The next speaker, Adrien Carta, is the General Director and Game developer at Kalank Games Studio. During his lecture entitled “AR is open for a new kind of gaming”, Adrien will talk about his experiences with and views on the implementation of Augmented Reality technology into the Gaming Industry.

The last speaker of this track will be Zdeny Buchtela, a copywriter and a visual marketing specialist. During his lecture, Zdeny will answer the question “Why creative ideas & copy matters? Let’s make a Worldwide buzz for Puklice!”.

There will be a short Coffee Break and a second Networking session following Zdeny’s talk, starting at 15:00. After a little bit of rest, the Lenslist team will present to the audience the changes that will be implemented into our website by the time of the event.

The third Track of Keynotes will begin at 15:30 with Caroline Rocha talking about how Augmented Reality in social media changed her life in a lecture entitled “Can AR change your life aka mine?”.

The third track of Keynotes will begin at 15:00, with Creative Director of Geometry Prague Lluis Rotger Vidal holding a lecture on “Innovative ideas. Behind the scenes of Touching Masterpieces (VR) and other awarded ideas”.

Then, the rising star of the AR community Johanna Jaskowska, will discuss the matter of digital trends in her speech “New digital fashion hype? Meet the creator of everyone’s new favorite Instagram filter”.

The second part of Marc’s Wakefield success story will end the last track of Keynotes.

The final Stage Talk, entitled “AR will change Reality for real – Amnesty International #FreedomSelfie”, will begin at 17:00. It will be held by Martin Balcar, Campaign Director and CRM Development Manager of the Amnesty International, and Pavel Max Vincenc, the host of the ARFest Prague 2019 and Creative Director of Havas Prague.

For the ending of the first day of the event, the organizers are preparing the first ever pARty for all the ticket owners!

Day Two

The second day of the ARFest Prague 2019 will be focused mainly around the Expo 58. The registration will begin at 10:00 and end at 10:30 with the Welcome Words coming from Eda Krečmar from Havas Prague.

The Expo 58 will begin at 11.40, and during this segment, the audience will have a chance to participate in a Q&A with some of the Key Sparkers, Workshop on “How to boost your Biz with AR?”, and more.

Sunday’s AR activities will end with a mystery Happy Hour happening between 13:00 and 14:00. Since the organizers haven’t revealed anything specific on this part yet, we can only wait in anticipation.

How To Participate

In order to participate in the ARFest Prague 2019 and experience all the amazing stuff that Pavel Max Vincenc, Martin Balcar and the rest of the organizers have prepared, head straight to and pick one of the available tickets, depending on your liking. And now for a real treat, You can enter the Promo Code ARCREATORS20 in the Payment section and enjoy a 20% off any ticket, You are welcome!

However, if for any reason it is impossible for You to show up in Prague next week, consider donating to the Amnesty International. This organization, headed by i.a. Martin Balcar, is raising funds for their next campaign on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Regaining Independence in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, and Hungary.

If You would like to see the official roadmap posted by the organizers, click here and scroll down to the Agenda part. Thanks for the read and see You on Saturday in Prague!