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Best Branded Instagram Filters – February

Your favorite ideas-filled mARketing inspiration guide is here! ⭐️ See which trends, vibes and feelings brands all over the world wanted to share with their audiences! All 30 top picks from February are freshly put into our Best Branded Instagram Filters selection and ready for you to be explored. 😎🌍 Go crazy with your new […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | February

FebruARy treats us so well this year! ⭐️ It is, after all, a month of love – expressed in many different ways in various spaces, including Snapchat. Lens Creators definitely know how to turn February’s trends and celebrations into an artistic show and today – it’s showtime – a.k.a. our Snapchat Lens Selection! 🚀💡 Let […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – January

The beginning of a new year is the time when brands get right on track and start thinking of new AR campaigns to capture their customers’ attention in the most memorable and engaging way. ⭐️ And last month, the level of creativity really skyrocketed! So let yourselves get swept away with our top picks in […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | January

A powerful start in 2022? Lens Creators definitely know how to do it! 💪 Seeing so many impressive works from January, we just can’t wait for next months, and the upcoming Snapchat Lens Selections crowded with fresh ideas. 🚀 See for yourselves how the quality and creativity of the Lenses improved and let Creators surprise […]

Weekly Selection #78

Fridays give us so much power! 💛 Thanks to Weekly Selections and the crazy amount of incredible Effects you deliver to us and the Community – this energy lasts a long time. 💪🔥 Our 78th Weekly Selection represented by 45 amazing Effects will teleport you to a world of colorful comics and joyful places, where […]

Weekly Selection #77

This week surprised us with another set of incredible Effects – we have a feeling that this year’s Weekly Selections will be remembered for a long time. Among today’s chosen, there are many AR Masks, mainly inspired by Euphoria aesthetic, which is conquering our hearts right now. ✨💜 But that’s not all – you’ll travel […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | January 2022

Young, talented, powerful and full of energy in 2022 – let’s give a warm welcome to our ten chosen Creators – leading the first ‘You Should Follow’ edition in the new year! ⭐️ Experimenting with AR and pushing the limits of creativity is what they do – and they are here to show you how […]

Weekly Selection #76

Time for yet another Weekly Selection ⭐️ Who knew that this Friday tradition would be so exciting! Every week is unique – thanks to all of you 💪 The hottest Effects are all ready to be tried out – they simply can’t wait to show up on your screens! Which ones are your favourites? 👀 […]

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