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Lenslist on AiR | Gijsbert Wahl

Our dear Creators, the long-awaited second episode of Lenslist On AiR has just arrived and we are buzzing with excitement for today’s interview! You’ll see why… 👀 Rather than an interview, it’s more like a truly artistic and profound journey through the meanings of art, importance of the Community and everything in between – a […]

Weekly Selection #88

We know the best way to make your day! 😎 It’s a simple deal – we gather the best Effects from this week and you recharge your creative batteries before the weekend. 🔋💪 Creators really left us speechless (as usual 😉) and when you’re surrounded by such amazing imagination, time goes so fast… that today […]

Acute Art: How art culture settled down in the virtual world

An app that gives you artistic freedom. A platform that features worldwide artists. A virtual exhibition on your phone. A digital portal that takes you to an art gallery – where you decide what piece of work you’d like to place in your room, or… anywhere. Meet Acute Art – a creative space bringing together […]

Weekly Selection #87

The more Weekly Selections, the more excited and amazed we are – by your endless creativity! 🤩 This week’s Effects are unreal – LiDAR projects, bubbles all over the room, flowers blooming through the screen or futuristic designs – truly out of his world. ⭐️ Join us for the 87th Weekly Selection and let our […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | March

Lens Studio Creators definitely spoiled the AR Community this March! 🤩 So many stunning works, from floral colorful explosions and pixel art to spring digital fashion – all 36 Snapcodes found below in our Snapchat Lens Selection. 💛 Show us your favorites and turn the end of March into a grand Lens show! ⭐️ 💡 […]

How AR Redefines the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is one of a kind. Not only because of the size but also because of how close, personal and intimate it is to the consumer. To some, it serves as a confidant or best friend, for others an alter ego or a way to express oneself. These personal factors, the visual aesthetic […]

Weekly Selection #86

Floral, warm, luminous vibes – yes, it’s that time of the year. 🌸🌞 Welcome Spring together with us and 36 fresh Effects! Take a look inside our 86th Weekly Selection and explore trippy, very meta-like, cosmic ARt. ✨ ChARge your batteries for next week in the best way possible! 🚀 💡 Our Lenslist database includes […]

Weekly Selection #85

As usual, on Friday we bring you an AR creative package that guarantees 100% fun, innovation, creativity and inspiration! 😎💡 A package filled to the brim with 36 handpicked Effects from last week – which believe us – their colorfulness, abstraction and lucidness will make you want to play with them the moment you see […]

Weekly Selection #84

Is everyone ready to Augment their Friday? We hope so! 🤩 Because today, for our 84th Weekly Selection, we’re delivering 39 fresh Effects from our super talented AR Community! ❤️🚀 This week has sparked a lot of innovative ideas in the Creators’ minds – resulting in liquid, interactive filters, cartoon-themed projects, color palettes rich in […]

Weekly Selection #83

Even though this week was very hard and filled with various emotions and events, the whole AR Community stands together united, supporting each other every way possible – through amazing art! ❤️ Apart from holographic visionary Effects, a Jurassic Park game and lots of branded works dedicated to Fashion Week, AR Creators showered our Weekly […]

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