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Weekly Selection #3

Welcome to the Weekly Selection #3! This time we’ve chosen 16 (!) fresh Instagram AR filters, both branded and inspirational. We present them to you using our Instagram stories as well as in this article. Last week was full of new, incredible filters. The trend of transparent filters was most prominent, with works of @exitsimulation, […]

Top 10 Branded and Inspirational Instagram AR Filters of August 2020

4th monthly selection of Instagram AR filters is here ☀️ How do you spend this unusual summer? We scroll through Instagram looking for the most impressive AR effects. As always, we’ve prepared 5 AR effects created for brands and 5 that we call inspirational filters – made by creators for the community. Night Lights by […]

Weekly Selection #2

Another Weekly Selection of Instagram filters is ready! At the end of this week we’ve selected 12 recently published filters, both branded and inspirational. We present them to you using our Instagram stories as well as in this article. Check out the new filters by master of 3D animals effects, Kym Fiala; try out yet […]

Weekly Selection #1

Today we begin our Weekly Selection of recently published Instagram AR filters. Congratulations to all the creators featured here for their amazing work! 👏 Click on the titles to try filters yourself! Cartoon Princess by @paigepiskin Neon Lightning by @bourgadotin bird of paradise by Shuriken by Monogram Wave by @gq_korea koi pond by […]

8 Snapchat Lens Creators You Should Know | August 2020

Last week, we presented to you Instagram creators worth following. Now, it’s time for Snapchat lens creators! We’ve asked 8 great AR artists about their favourite filters made by themselves. Meet the authors of some really special lenses, follow them or simply get in touch! Phil Walton Phil is an experienced animator, writer and AR/VR […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | August 2020

In August, we’ve asked 10 creators that we believe you should follow about their favourite filters. Read what they had to say about this one filter of theirs that stands out from the other. And start following them for amazing content! Jan Trejo | @janmahavan The author of famous Glitter on White filter didn’t stop […]

100+ Instagram AR Filters to Try On Glasses Virtually

Many realize that Augmented Reality is a perfect tool for creating virtual fitting rooms. But did you know that all it takes to try on eyewear is AR on social media in the form of Instagram filters or Snapchat lens? In this article, we cover some of the best filters made by eyewear brands and […]

NBA Basketball AR Filters for Instagram & Snapchat

As NBA is about to come back in a couple of days in a Disney World “bubble” campus, we take a look at how franchises are using AR filters in social media marketing 🏀 Even though most of the teams don’t have any Instagram filters on their profiles, the trend is clearly visible: AR has […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | July 2020

This month: 10 creators below 10k followers With this article, we start yet another series of articles, intended to promote Instagram AR creators that you should know (check out our monthly collections of Top 10 Branded and Inspirational Instagram AR Filters). Every month we will present to you artists that have something in common, eg. […]

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