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Lenslist Pride Selection 2022

We’re already almost 4 weeks into Pride Month and so far, it has been full of colors, love, beauty, equality and celebration! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 In honor of commemorating and supporting the LGBTQI+ Community, we’ve gathered the best Pride AR filters for you to celebrate the remaining days of June! Let’s spread love, awareness and get immersed […]

Weekly Selection #98

On Friday we can’t wait for two things – the weekend, and a fresh Weekly Selection! ⭐️ Can you believe that it’s already the 98th edition? Which means… The 100th is right around the corner! 🤩 With such good mood, we can dive into this week’s Effects on full power. 🚀 Take a minute to […]

Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge – Community Inspiration

Make space for another huge dose of inspiration! ⚡️ We’ve been filling your minds with ideas for our Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge for quite some time now… but we’re not stopping. So far we’ve released two essential guides helping you kick-off Lightship projects and dive into Templates. Then, to jumpstart your ideas for the […]

Weekly Selection #97

Guess what came in today! Something hot, fresh, innovative, surprising, playful… Rings a bell? 😏Let our Friday AR routine begin – it’s time to make some space on your Instagram for brand new Effects – all inside our 97th Weekly Selection. 💥Spend this day daydreaming, wearing futuristic face masks, traveling to magical places, playing with […]

Lenslist x Lightship Templates Challenge – Inspiration

The world has so much to offer that we could never be bored. Adventures to live through, stories to tell, feelings to experience, challenges to complete… 🌱🚀🌏 Augmented Reality proves the world does not end on a physical layer and we can always do more. It opens a door to a whole new level of […]

Weekly Selection #96

We like to keep things busy here in our Community. 😎When it comes to AR and the Creators – every day and every event is exciting! ⚡️And with two open challenges – the futuristic #TomorrowToday challenge with Spark AR and real-world metaverse building with the Templates Challenge – the AR Community is on fire! 🔥To […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – May

Who’s ready to see what brands were up to in May? 🌺⭐️ You can probably already guess. 😎 They created lots of stunning Effects for you to dive into new products, feel the vibe of new collections, tell a story and let you create your own. Look inside our Best Branded Instagram Filters May edition […]

#TomorrowToday Challenge Inspiration Time

What the future will bring is probably one of the most intriguing questions one can possibly think of. ✨ Whether we’ll live in futuristic cities or technology will completely change our habits – there are as many visions as people. For our freshly launched Global Challenge – Tomorrow Today – together with Spark AR/Meta, the […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | May

We’re always so amazed by how many stunning and creative Lenses are made every month! 🔥 In May, Snapchat was on fire, too – 36 Lenses that can take your outfits, makeup, hand gestures and transitions onto a whole new level. ⚡️ Don’t wait a minute longer and hop into flowing, colorful digital outfits, do […]

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