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Weekly Selection #106

Hi guys! Can you believe it’s already Friday? We can 😎 This week flew by, but don’t worry, we made sure that our fresh #106th Weekly Selection will be waiting for you to start the weekend in a mARvelous way! 😉 Aliens and floating spaceships? Time-bending dripping filters? Effects interacting with real-life objects? 🔮 These […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | July

This month Lens Studio Creators have prepared a true AR treat for us! 💫😎 Thanks to their fresh artworks, we’ve filled our Snapchat Lens Selection with summer vibes, stunning digital fashion, games, flowers and animals. 🔥 Let’s say goodbye to July in the best style, trying on cool outfits and golden accessories 💫🧝‍♀️ Those who […]

Weekly Selection #104

Friday is a fun day 🔥 especially as we’re right in the middle of the summer holidays! 🥳 We hope you are having a great time at all the pool parties, sunbathing by the seaside and making toasts for another weekend! 🥂 On the other hand, we aren’t slowing down and presenting to you another, […]

Weekly Selection #103

Fridays feel like heaven! 🤩 We have a fresh Weekly Selection, stunning Effects to play with, new worlds to discover – what more could we wish for? 💜 We guarantee that today’s edition #103 will make your summer days longer and more vibrant! Hop inside to see our picks, play with light, trippy deformations, sparkly […]

Weekly Selection #102

Do you know what’s the best remedy after an intense week? 😌 AR treatment! 🔥 To enlighten your Friday and give you a moment to relax, we give you the best companion ever – new Effects! ✨ With the Weekly Selection #102, you’ll get to become cute (or creepy 👹) creatures, play with floating objects, […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | June

Time for the best creative June recap! 🌸 Thanks to all the amazing Lenses created, last month’s events and trends were turned into stunning, celebratory ARtworks. Today in our Snapchat Lens Selection you’ll see all of June’s Snapchat essentials. 🦋 Jump straight into it and try on high fashion gowns, iconic accessories, futuristic face masks, […]

Weekly Selection #101

We still can’t get over our Virtual Space Gallery celebrating the 100th Weekly Selection ! 🪐🧡 100 weeks of your creativity, talent, ideas and support. This shows how AR and the Community grows every day and never slows down. 🔥 Let’s open the 101st edition with this week’s fresh ARtworks! Have fun with body distortions, […]

Weekly Selection #100

This Friday is far from ordinary… It’s a day we were waiting for with excitement and thrill! 🔥 Today we reach the 100th Weekly Selection – a pretty big, round, celebratory number, right? 💯 Today we celebrate with you 100 weeks of AR, amazing pieces of art, talent, effort, passion and creativity. 🧡 Thanks to […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – June

We hope you’re ready for a June mARketing wrap-up! 🧡 Better fasten your seatbelts, because we have a lot of new Effects to cover. 🚀 In this month’s Branded Selection, you’ll see all the trends, celebrations and feelings that brands worldwide spotlighted in their AR campaigns. See how your surroundings become filled with 3D objects, […]

Weekly Selection #99

Let us tell you…This Weekly Selection #99 really got us up and running outside exploring the world with a lot of awesome World AR Effects! 🌍⭐️ Sun is out, comfortable shoes are on, phones ready to transform your surroundings into magical AR-filled worlds and games. Discover the hidden digital layer of your space and dive […]

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