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Weekly Selection #122

How quickly time flies! ☄️ Winter holidays are just around the corner! Why don’t we celebrate already? ⛄️😁 It’s time to get inspired and fly into this magical world fully charged. 🚀💥 Inside our Weekly Selection #122, you have another opportunity to plunge into the cosmic space of brand collaborations within the AR world, literally […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | November

Finally! Our next Snapchat Lens Selection has arrived, so get comfortable and fly into the eye-opening world of Augmented Reality with us! 🚀🚀🚀 This time, Lens Studio Creators bring the heat! 🔥 Now it all depends on you, what is your mood for today? Maybe you prefer to hold a fashion month, create new off-the-wall […]

Weekly Selection #121

You know that time of the year when the weather doesn’t encourage us to go out, and the evenings become much longer and colder? ❄️ Yes, we do too… And let us tell you – the only right way to make it better is with a warming dose of impressive digital creations! Yes, that’s right, […]

Weekly Selection #120

We feel very passionate about every single edition of our Weekly Selection, but this time we are extremely pleased to present to you our special 120th edition! ⭐ Such round editions make us realize how grateful we are for being a part of such a wonderful Community – cheers to another 120 selections! 🥂 Now […]

The Future of… Gaming

As we all know, the days of Game Boys are long gone, and their place has given way to more refined, elaborated and complex games – we know, we’re still nostalgic about all the hours spent playing Snake on the indestructible Nokia… 🥹🎮🐍 However, have you ever wondered how gaming technology will change over the […]

Snapchat Lens Selection | October

It was truly a memorable October! ✨ As always, Lens Studio Creators have outdone themselves and surprised us with a full pack of outstanding works – and that’s why we have assembled for you a fresh, hot Snapchat Lens Selection. 👻💛 Get ready for some colorfully-chromatic 🫧 designs, as well as a spooky selection of […]

Lenslist x Meta Spark: Showcase Your Culture Inspiration

Telling the story of your origins, family, friendship group, or passions and hobbies is something truly worth sharing with others. ✨🌍 What connects all the places, people and history is culture – each different and special in its own way. That’s why together with Meta Spark, for our current Hackathon, we’d like for you to […]

Weekly Selection #119

We have exactly what you need for this cold and gloomy November weekend! ☁️ Can you guess what? 😏 Another edition of our heart-warming Weekly Selection! ✨ We have carefully picked the most exciting and engaging filters of the week to cheer you up! ☀️ Get ready for an energizing dose of colorful and aesthetically-pleasing […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – October

October is already behind us, so it’s time to show off the most exciting Effects that brands have come up with to promote their services, products, and events. 🎉 Just imagine how wide and endless the AR world is! Visit our selection of Best Branded Instagram filters to find out. 😛🙌🏻 With this month’s featured […]

Weekly Selection #118

We are pleased to present to you our 118th Weekly Selection – the first one in November! 🍂 It’s official, we may finally start the season of long autumn weekend walks, falling leaves, and the first Christmas songs heard in your local supermarket – yes, we’re talking about you, Mariah… 😬 But for now, sit […]

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