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Weekly Selection #33

Below you’ll find 59 Instagram AR filters published during last week, curated by our Lenslist team 🔥 Watch their demo videos or give them a try by opening them on your mobile Instagram app 🤳 Our Lenslist database includes thousands of Instagram filters and Snapchat Lenses. Every one of them is teased by a demo […]

Weekly Selection #32

Welcome to the 32th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! This article contains 59 Instagram AR filters, created for brands and for the community, selected from those published during last week 🔥 We hope they will serve you as an artistic inspiration, give you the perfect idea for the filter promoting your brand, or just […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – March

We present to you the 2nd selection of best branded* Instagram AR filters. We’ve curated 42 effects from those published in March, including experiences prepared by such brands as Porsche, Lacoste, Lancome, or Mac Cosmetics. Find out the rest of the brands and artists below 👇 *Branded filters are AR effects that have been ordered […]

Weekly Selection #31

Welcome to the 31th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! With this 31th Weekly Selection we bring you 57 Instagram AR filters discovered and chosen by our team during this passing week. Try them out to lighten the mood while waiting for the true Spring! 🌺🤳 Twilight: Edwardby jhonyaugust Feed your soulby porsche tatoosby balraj_bains […]

8 Snapchat Lens Creators You Should Know | March 2021

Following the first days of spring (finally!), we’re here to introduce you to another 8 Snapchat Lens Creators You Should Know. You definitely enjoyed at least a few of their Lenses before, considering how imaginative and prolific these Creators are and now you can not only find out more about them, but also check out […]

Weekly Selection #30

Welcome to the 30th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! It’s yet another week when we bring to you fresh new AR filters for Instagram, this time – 53! Discover them below and try out your favourite ones during the weekend! Don’t forget to tag @lens.list in your Insta Stories 😊 Point Cloudby yegor_ryabtsov PencilSketchDrawingby […]

Full Spark AR Masterclass By Eddy Adams Is Out

Wanting to learn how to make Instagram filters, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re an AR hobbyist that wants to take it to the next level? Well, Eddy Adams has just finished his Spark AR Masterclass that you can enroll in for free! The course is built around a 12-chapter sci-fi fantasy […]

Weekly Selection #29

Welcome to the 29th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! Every week our team collects and curates Instagram AR filters for you to know what’s happening in the AR community right now. This time, we present to you 58 brand new effects! Remember that you can try them on your Instagram mobile app and use […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | March 2021

AR community has many amazing Creators, and every month, we present to you those who are especially worth your attention. In March, we’ve asked 10 of them to tell us more about their AR journey, their plans for the future, the style of theirs filters and about what inspires them. So get to know them […]

Weekly Selection #28

Welcome to the 28th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! For the 28th straight week, we’ve prepared a selection of 51 Instagram AR filters from the last week, published both by brands and by individual Creators. Explore them all below and try them yourself using your mobile Instagram app – they’re just 2 clicks away! […]

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