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How Augmented Reality is Changing Content Marketing Experience

A couple of years ago, when Snapchat introduced its first filters, the platform boomed with new followers. Everyone wanted a photo with a cool doggy-showing-its-tongue face or with a beautiful sparkling background. Today, augmented reality, thanks to which we have these innovations, is quickly becoming a part of marketing. According to Tech Jury, 67% of […]

Snapchat Finally Adds Brand Profiles with AR Lenses

One of the biggest advantages of Instagram AR over Snapchat lens was the clarity that came with the creators’ and brands’ profiles. Now, with Snapchat adding its own brand profiles with lenses tab, Snapchat has a chance to get back on track when it comes to branded AR. Brand Profiles, which are now in a […]

NBA Basketball AR Filters for Instagram & Snapchat

As NBA is about to come back in a couple of days in a Disney World “bubble” campus, we take a look at how franchises are using AR filters in social media marketing 🏀 Even though most of the teams don’t have any Instagram filters on their profiles, the trend is clearly visible: AR has […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | July 2020

This month: 10 creators below 10k followers With this article, we start yet another series of articles, intended to promote Instagram AR creators that you should know (check out our monthly collections of Top 10 Branded and Inspirational Instagram AR Filters). Every month we will present to you artists that have something in common, eg. […]

TikTok AR Filters for Brands

This article is an extract of soon-to-come Lenslist ebook ‘AR in social media’. It contains basic information about AR filters on TikTok which can now be used by brands. Keep in touch to know when the ebook is ready or write to us if you’re interested in publishing AR filter as a brand on TikTok. […]

Top 10 Branded and Inspirational Instagram AR Filters of June 2020

Welcome to the 2nd monthly selection of best Instagram AR effects! 👋 Summertime is here, so AR filters have become more sunny and positive. June is also a month of #Pride, so we prepared a selection of +100 #Pride Instagram AR filters. Check out which branded and inspirational (community) Instagram AR filters we liked best […]

Lenslist Selection of 100+ #Pride2020 AR Filters 🏳️‍🌈

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our selection of pride-themed AR effects for 2020. Last year, we managed to find maybe a few dozen filters, but this time around… we found over 100 quality pride-themed effects! We’re super proud of the whole AR community and grateful for being able to interact with so many […]

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