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Lens Fest Behind the Scenes: AR for Good #BTS

We know that Lens Fest ended awhile ago, but so much happened during the event, we’re still not over it 😄 This time we want to invite you behind the scenes to explore Lenses submitted for the Lest Fest Call for Creation. If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about it – it was an […]

Weekly Selection #20

Welcome to the 20th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! We’re very grateful for these past 20 Weekly Selections! This time, we’ve curated 42 Instagram AR filters published during last week. It’s a good way to start 2021! 🥳🔥

Wrapping Up Instagram’s Spark AR in 2020

‘It’s a great time to be a Spark AR creator’ – these words by Sue Young from Spark AR team remain true, despite everything that went wrong in 2020. To sum up this last year, we’ve listed a few highlights and takeaways, summed up what we’d achieved at Lenslist, and invited Spark AR creators to […]

Weekly Selection #19

Welcome to the 19th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! On this last day of 2020, relax with these 56 Instagram filters curated by our team. Using just your Instagram mobile app, you can try them yourself or just watch demo videos you’ll find below and save them for the future 💾🤳 Happy New Year! […]

8 Snapchat Lens Creators You Should Know | December 2020

Meet these 8 extraordinary Snapchat Lenses Creators, try their AR filters and follow them to be up to date with their future projects. We are thankful to Zara Shapiro, Malcolm Walker, Shimenta and Reinhard for the quotes they shared with us. Reinhard Reinhard recognizes himself as an ‘artist, traveller and animallover’. He is an imaginative […]

50 Branded Instagram AR Filters #Christmas 2020

Many companies decided to prepare something special for their fans this holiday. From luxury brands to FMCG, they brought immersive experiences to everyone owning a mobile device, proving that Instagram AR filters have become a legitimate and artful marketing format. We’ve selected 50 best Instagram AR filters created by brands to make this Christmas even […]

Lens Fest 2020 Full Recap 👻

Last week, between 8-10 of December, we were totally immersed in the most exciting social AR event there is – Lens Fest. Together with our friends from Snap and Creators from all over the world, we could celebrate what we, as a community, have managed to do over these last 3 years and also look […]

Cyberpunk AR Filters Selection

With the premiere of long-awaited video game Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt RED, we’ve prepared a selection of 49 cyberpunk Instagram AR filters and Snapchat Lenses for you to watch, try out and share with your friends. ‘Cyberpunk’ is a subgenre of sci-fi which focuses on a ‘combination of low-life and high tech’ in a […]

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