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Weekly Selection #15

Welcome to the 15th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! We’ve got a new record! This time, we bring you 40 Instagram AR filters from last week. Watch them below and try out your favourite ones during the weekend! Don’t forget to tag @lens.list in your Insta Stories 😊 Levitating by dualipa ambush glow by […]

Weekly Selection #14

Welcome to the 14th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! With this 14th Weekly Selection we bring you 32 Instagram AR filters discovered and chosen by our team during this passing week. Try them out to lighten the mood if this weekend turns out to be too autumny! 🍁🤳 jellyjam by alienpinecone sad day by […]

Lens Studio Now Lets Creators Build LiDAR-Powered Lenses

Last month, during the 2020 Apple Event, we found out that their brand new iPhone 12 Pro will be equipped with a LiDAR Scanner. At first, we were surprised, considering that LiDAR was usually associated in the media with self-driving cars and shade from Elon Musk himself, who famously said: “Anyone relying on lidar is […]

Weekly Selection #13

Welcome to the 13th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! As on every Friday, we present to you the best Instagram AR filters from last week. This time, we’ve collected 33 of them. Besides watching, you can play with every effect from here on your mobile Instagram app 🤳 sulley by manuborrero movember by paigepiskin […]

10 AR Filters’ Creators You Should Follow | November 2020

For 5 months now we’ve been recommending you Spark AR Creators to follow – and we continue this tradition in November. Check out what inspires them, what do they like about Spark AR and which of their effects are their favourite ones. And, of course, start following them! Mona Birkas | @mona_birkas Mona Birkas is […]

Weekly Selection #12

Welcome to the 12th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! Coming out from the last two crazy weeks, with huge amount of amazing filters made for Halloween and 2020 US election, we continue with collecting the best Instagram AR effects from the last 7 days! Watch and experience 26 artpieces handmade by Spark AR creators […]

Encouraging Americans to #Vote with AR Filters

Augmented Reality in social media has been used many times now to reach the youth with important messages concerning social issues and politics. The 2020 presidential elections in the US weren’t an exception. Quite the opposite – Instagram users could try dozens of AR filters encouraging people to #vote, and Snapchat made AR Lenses a […]

Weekly Selection #11 – Halloween Special Part II

Welcome to the 11th Weekly Selection of Instagram AR filters! Halloween is there! 🎉🎃 In addition to last week’s 16, we’ve collected another 33 Halloween Instagram filters! You’ll also find 10 new, regular effects below. Congratulations to all the creators! Halloween Part II Go to Part I Zomby Gaga High by mayttearaneda Blinder by amnrhm […]

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