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Winners Announcement #2 C4C: Our Future Planet

Hi, our dear Creators! 💜 We are finally ready to announce the winners of our second prized Lenslist x Spark AR Call for Content 👀💸 Are you ready for a mind-blowing collection of submissions from the Community? Let’s see Our Future Planet through the Creators’ eyes 🔮🌍 Selecting the Winners and choosing the best Effects […]

Winners Announcement #1 C4C: Halloween

Hey there Creators! We’re finally here to announce the winners of our first ever prized Lenslist x Spark AR Call for Content 🤩✨ and of course share with you the whole gallery of amazing submissions from the Community 💖 You made our job really hard in terms of selecting the Winners – we had to […]

L’ARc de Triomphe Hidden Behind the Christo’s Fabric and Rope!

Around six decades ago two artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude came up with a quiet surreal concept – wrapping Paris’s immense Arc de Triomphe. Back in 1962 Christo created the photomontage of the Arc de Triomphe wrapped and kept working exhaustively on this project. It is actually happening right now thanks to Snapchat, Sotheby’s and Estate […]

1st Year of Weekly Selections In Retrospect

It’s been a year since we came up with the idea of ‘Weekly Selections’ – our team’s choice of freshly created Instagram AR effects, published every Friday. As we’re extremely proud of how the Spark AR Community responded to them, we’re taking a look back to celebrate this past year. Weekly Selections became a true […]

Newest Snap AR Update: Say Hello to Lens Studio 4.1 👋

Once again folks at Snap did not disappoint our Creators Community with a brand new Lens Studio 4.1 update! Check out the hottest, newest features with doubling of the size limit as the sweetest cherry on top! 🍒🤩 1. From 4 to 8MB – Double the size, double the possibilities! 👯‍♀️ Size limit is one […]

What’s New for Instagram AR Effects After 2021 F8 Refresh

The last two weeks were big for Instagram AR. First, 2 long-awaited new capabilities for Spark AR landed, and then F8 Refresh (yearly Facebook conference) introduced a number of exciting developments for AR Creators. This article will briefly lead you through everything that you’d like to know about what’s new. New capability #1: Multi-Class Segmentation […]

2021 F8 Hackathon Wrap-Up & Lenslist Selection

As one of the official partners of this year’s edition of F8 Hackathon, we are very exicted to share with you our wrap-up of the contest. Discover winning projects, browse through the selection of submissions made by our team and hear from the winner of a Track 1 challenge: Matthew Chen. As the amounts of […]

Snap Partner Summit 2021 AR Wrap-Up

For nearly two years now, Snap has been taking big steps to prove that they’re not only a camera company, but also the biggest innovator in the Augmented Reality space. They have released truly next-level updates to Lens Studio last year and in March 2021, they took the first place in the Fast Company AR/VR […]

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