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Spark AR & Watchmen HBO Mask Off Challenge

Two days ago the results of the third Spark AR Community challenge has been announced. This time it was special, though. For starters, unlike last year’s Spark AR Community Challenge which was organized in connection with the start of Instagram AR beta and Spark AR Segmentation Challenge, submitted effects’ theme was strictly given. HBO, who […]

Instagram Celebrities Using AR Effects

One of the most exciting things that can happen to AR Creator is when someone significant uses their effect. Of course, the satisfaction from the fact that a famous artist or entrepreneur fancy their artistic vision is not the only benefit here. It’s been established long ago that nothing boosts the number of impressions of […]

Successful Halloween AR Campaigns

AR effects can be perceived as a digital equivalent of costume rentals, so naturally, their significance rises with Halloween coming to our doorsteps. It was proved to be true two years ago when Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat treated their audiences with lots of spooky filters and the response was both positive and genuine. That is […]

First Instagram Branded AR Effects

Boom! The world of social media AR will never be the same after what happened three weeks ago. Opening Instagram AR to the public means bringing AR effects to the whole world. It is crucial mainly for brands as they were finally allowed to publish their own promotional effects (see our Marketer’s AR Pocket Guide […]

IG’s Hidden Gems

This article is fully dedicated to the Instagram Creators, that are yet to be discovered by a wider audience. We have decided to raise this topic because the end of the closed beta-era is closer and closer every day. As everyone will gain access to Spark AR and start posting their AR content, the Community […]

Influencer AR Mixed Marketing – Emergence of a New Social Media Market

There are dozens of articles vaguely covering the topic of convergence of AR tech and Influencer marketing techniques, which “will influence the future social media trends”, hanging somewhere in the long-forgotten corners of the web, covered in dust and carefully made assumptions. If that is the case, why would you want to read another one […]

New Instagram Tab Lets You Browse Creators’ AR Effects

Better way to browse Instagram Camera Effects was a long-awaited feature. Now, after testing it for at least a month with random creator’s accounts, it became public. Every Instagram user can now check out and use the effects published by Spark AR creators by going to their profile and selecting the new Effects Tab (a […]

Pride Month Spark AR Parade 2019

Hello fellow Sparkers, Creators, and AR Heads! With Pride Month at its best, we couldn’t help ourselves but to gather all the beautiful, colorful lenses from Facebook and Instagram, and feature them in our blogpost! For your convenience, we have tested over fifty of the pride-related effects and selected the 16 most appealing ones. Among […]

21 Creators Unite to Composite 1 Ultimate Snapchat Lens

There is no better way to verify a group’s unity than by making them work together. Snapchat Lens Studio and CyreneQ decided to do just that by offering Lens Creators a chance to play a “Pass the Story” game – but with Augmented Reality, of course. The story of developing this magnificent lens, which is […]

LensList 2.0

Businesses and enterprises destined to succeed are in a constant process of improvement and development – and so is Lenslist. With that in mind, we are proud to present to you the new generation of our website – Lenslist 2.0. In the first post describing Lenslist, we said that “Lenslist has been brought to life […]

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