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Back to Reality: Snap Partner Summit 2022 Wrap-up

One of the most news-packed and long-awaited AR events, this year’s Snap Partner Summit, once again showed just how big Snapchat’s role in the world of AR is. With constant support for the Community, growing partnerships and new capabilities, it’s no surprise that Snapchat is ranked the #1 happiest platform compared to other apps. Back […]

Weekly Selection #91

Let’s spend last Friday in April the right way – which for us, obviously involves AR, new Effects, Creators’ fresh ideas, and providing the Community with latest AR trends. 💜😎🤳🏻 Hop inside our Weekly Selection #91 to see 39 Effects that will take you to otherworldly holographic places and add a magical twist to your […]

Weekly Selection #90

We are buzzing with excitement to finally show you what we were working on! 🚀 Let us take you inside our new space – the second virtual Lenslist AR Gallery – showcasing the best Effects for the 90th Weekly Selection. 🤩 We keep up with the Creators’ innovative pace and this time we created an […]

Next Steps of LACMA x Snapchat: Monumental Perspectives Initiative

Back in 2020, when Snap Inc. and Los Angeles County Museum Of Art (LACMA) launched Monumental Perspectives, a new wave of art came, turning local tales into artistic digital experiences. The idea behind this initiative was for LA-based artists and AR Creators to join forces and create AR monuments circling around the (hi)story of Los […]

Winners Announcement #3 C4C: Those Long Nights

⭐️ After hours… the magic of sleepless nights, thrilling dreams, dimmed lights and all those conversations, memories and adventures we fly away to after dark a.k.a. Those Long Nights 🌙🌠💃 Lenslist x Spark AR Call For Content #3 ⭐ Today we’re coming to you with the long-awaited Winners Announcement and a truly SPECTACULAR showcase of […]

Facebook Connect Recap: New Spark AR Features Are Here & The Role of an AR Creator in the Future of Meta

With the recent heated debates circulating around the topic of metaverse – a new way of interacting in digital spaces, which includes decentralized networks, digital currencies, personal avatars, collecting 3D assets or even real-estate, basically a more visual code-word for Web3.0 – Facebook Connect was definitely one of the most anticipated events for everyone who […]

Winners Announcement #2 C4C: Our Future Planet

Hi, our dear Creators! 💜 We are finally ready to announce the winners of our second prized Lenslist x Spark AR Call for Content 👀💸 Are you ready for a mind-blowing collection of submissions from the Community? Let’s see Our Future Planet through the Creators’ eyes 🔮🌍 Selecting the Winners and choosing the best Effects […]

Winners Announcement #1 C4C: Halloween

Hey there Creators! We’re finally here to announce the winners of our first ever prized Lenslist x Spark AR Call for Content 🤩✨ and of course share with you the whole gallery of amazing submissions from the Community 💖 You made our job really hard in terms of selecting the Winners – we had to […]

L’ARc de Triomphe Hidden Behind the Christo’s Fabric and Rope!

Around six decades ago two artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude came up with a quiet surreal concept – wrapping Paris’s immense Arc de Triomphe. Back in 1962 Christo created the photomontage of the Arc de Triomphe wrapped and kept working exhaustively on this project. It is actually happening right now thanks to Snapchat, Sotheby’s and Estate […]

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