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Retail of the Future: from virtual try-ons to digital showrooms

In this article you’ll learn: How the retail environment is being reshaped by innovative, digital solutions. Which trends dictate the rules of today’s retail market divided into individual sectors of Fashion, Footwear, Beauty, Supermarkets and Home Depot. What can be expected in the future of e-commerce in the light of gaming and metaverse platforms.   […]

Staying Right on Track: Web 3.0 and the Automotive Industry

Customers and their needs changed. They are different from 20 years ago and the same goes for technology. As nowadays technology is gradually transforming almost every part of our lives, from how we pay and communicate to how we commute – the automotive industry, being a powerful player – is in for a truly big […]

How Augmented Reality Revolutionizes Music Festivals

What do people love about festivals? Energizing live music, favorite artists going wild on stage, steamy atmosphere, thematic tents… and unforgettable memories made with friends or people that you’ve just met. Undoubtedly, music festivals are one of the most anticipated events not only for music lovers but also performers and brands all around the world. […]

Lens Fest 2021 Recap: Business Track

  Snapchat 🤝 Businesses Lens Fest prepared something for both sides – not only for Creators but also for Businesses 💡 Let the best of the best from the Snap AR team take you on an enriching journey, where you’ll find out how Entrepreneurs, Developers, and Partners make use of Lenses to go beyond traditional […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – July

6th monthly selection of Instagram Branded* Filters is here! We’ve curated 30 effects published by brands for marketing purposes in July to keep you up to date and inspire you to include Augmented Reality in your own digital campaign 🔥✨ *Branded filters are AR effects that have been ordered by a brand, an artist or […]

Best Branded Instagram Filters – March

We present to you the 2nd selection of best branded* Instagram AR filters. We’ve curated 42 effects from those published in March, including experiences prepared by such brands as Porsche, Lacoste, Lancome, or Mac Cosmetics. Find out the rest of the brands and artists below 👇 *Branded filters are AR effects that have been ordered […]

AR for HR: Using Snapchat and Instagram Filters in Recruitment Campaigns

Recruters need to keep up with the new challenges that hiring employees brings. More and more often brands invest their energy in organizing resourceful recruitment campaigns that use new technologies, including AR filters, to better relate to younger audiences. McDonald’s and other companies have used them already, getting suprisingly good results. Headhunters don’t limit themsleves […]

Social media AR games is the latest trend in gaming

Recently, we spoke with guys from Areyes Studio who focus on developing a content for social media about future of AR gaming. The tremendous popularity of social media is a fascinating phenomenon of the 21st century. And it would be one short-sighted strategy if the creators of those networks only followed the path of messaging […]

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