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Social media AR games is the latest trend in gaming

Recently, we spoke with guys from Areyes Studio who focus on developing a content for social media about future of AR gaming. The tremendous popularity of social media is a fascinating phenomenon of the 21st century. And it would be one short-sighted strategy if the creators of those networks only followed the path of messaging […]

Snapchat Introduces 2D Full Body Tracking

FINALLY! A feature the whole AR Creators Community has been waiting for, came to us with the newest update of Lens Studio (3.1) – 2D Full Body Tracking is here and… we can’t be more here for it! Snapchat came in with this update in a perfect moment – when (thanks to TikTok) rear-view videos […]

Snapchat Finally Adds Brand Profiles with AR Lenses

One of the biggest advantages of Instagram AR over Snapchat lens was the clarity that came with the creators’ and brands’ profiles. Now, with Snapchat adding its own brand profiles with lenses tab, Snapchat has a chance to get back on track when it comes to branded AR. Brand Profiles, which are now in a […]

See the Rhythm with the New AR Music Feature on Instagram

Sound has been proven to play a crucial part when it comes to AR effects. The best stories presenting them are enriched with a fitting song, and a music industry fell in love with social media AR long ago – there are almost 200 promotional effects on Lenslist that were either inspired by a song […]

Facebook AR Ads: Why You Should Definitely Use Them for Retail

If you’re looking for a way to engage your fans and raise brand awareness using Augmented Reality, Instagram is the place to do it. The platform is full of viral AR effects and influencers who use them everyday. If you’d like, on the other hand, to boost online sales by offering your fans a try-on, […]

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